Trendy Women Bags for 2019

These days’ women are so busy there is scarcely time to grab a bag for each occasion and an everyday style of bag that will take you from the office to the gym is often a popular choice. It is not surprising that handbag brands are bringing out backpack-design bags for 2019. Backpacks or sling bags are trendy women bags for 2019 with many working women in Indian and around the world find these bags extremely practical for business, and may opt for their regular handbag and use these versatile backpack bags to carry their laptops, files, pens and one or two other items. The bottom line for this season is that the catwalks were overflowing with different kinds of trendy women bags for 2019, with women being able to take their pick from miniature bags to backpacks to satchels, totes, shoulder bags, sophisticated chain bags, floral bags to sequined or bejewelled bags; a huge range of styles. Women in India love the beaded, silk, plastic and fabric bags which give their clothing such flair, and heaps of Bollywood celebrities like Malaika Arora Khan and Sonakshi Sinha have been seen and photographed with their trendy messenger and clutch designer bags.

Bright Colored Bags to Complete the Look

Recently international fashion brands have started making their presence felt in India, and fashion shows in India such as Lakme India Fashion Week allow different designers to showcase their offerings. Top Indian fashion designers like Manish Malhotra delight with trends in fashion. Caprese, for instance, is a brand which takes its inspiration from the Isle of Capri and trendy women bags for 2019 from this Indian brand include bright vibrant colours as well as the traditional black and tans; something to suit the styles of everyone. Another brand, Hidesign offers bags which are individually handcrafted from the finest leathers.

Celebrities are always being seen and photographed with colorful totes as they go about their business. The handbags are perfect for parties, for the office, for jet-setting or street-style slick. The Spring collection of bags for 2019 promises some interesting looks, with patterns and designs being anything from stripes to checkerboard print trends and a whole lot of colors, prints and detailing, so that each bag will give you your own personal style.

White Handbags Contrast Attractively with Printed Outfits

Most of the runways have seen the spring and summer of 2019 fashion collections and from them, we can get an idea of the latest trend in handbags. Thankfully one thing is for sure, although women sometimes need a small bag, 2019 promises plenty of scope for nice roomy bags and even the clutch have become larger, with a move to super soft clutches. Another noticeable factor with bags for 2019 is that because there is a move to bright colors and prints for apparel, handbag designers have come out with white handbags which contrast beautifully with these outfits.

Trendy women bags for 2019 are on sale right now to instantly transform your looks with a palette of bright as well as subdued colors, with animal prints being a hot trend in handbags this spring. Stylish bags for women in 2019 come from brands such as Chanel, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Reed Krakoff, Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Givenchy and many others.

A Repertoire of Subdued to Outrageous Bags

Women’s bags come in every conceivable size and shape, and it is often said that the type of bag you select can reflect a little of your personality. There are so many fabrics, styles and brands to choose from and you really don’t even need to spend a lot of money to get a stylish look. You’ll be able to jazz up any outfit with a chunky bag or create a modern and sophisticated look. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with new ideas, and a trendy handbag is the easiest way to add flair to absolutely any outfit. Some designer bags are so reasonably priced, that there isn’t even the need to resort to fake substitutes.

You don’t even need to drive far because trendy women bags for 2019 can be bought online where you can look and compare to your heart’s content. Trendy bags from the 2019 collection include versatile embellishments which make handbags one of the coolest accessories. A huge trend for bags in 2019 is fringe but added to the bag in such a way that your bag can look super sophisticated or you can choose a fringed bag which has a casual look and will look good for a day at the beach.

A One-Bag Women?

There are many women who prefer just one basic handbag which they use every day, but even these women appreciate celebrating a bit of luxury. While there is certainly nothing wrong with practical dressing and a minimalistic look, anyone can do with a little bit of a fashion pick-me-up for a wedding or party, and a stylish bag with some chic detailing can do wonders for an outfit. These days you don’t have to sacrifice your practical bag to enjoy some glamour and you can opt for a smart little designer bag for the evenings. No wardrobe would be complete without one or two trendy bags. Most women do own a collection of bags and will often select one that they prefer to carry around with them all the time These bags are relied upon because they are super practical; they come with a range of various sized compartments inside which are great for lipsticks, medications, cell phone, pens, ani-pad and even a toiletry bag.

Bags Suited to any Occasion

Bags for women are regarded as trusted friends; they’ve travelled with us far and wide and certainly have some stories to tell. Some of them are so beautifully ornate; they draw the attention of many. There are some outfits that women wear that just don’t look complete without an attractive bag. Trendy women bags for 2019 promise some of the hottest colours complete with quite a bit of metal being woven into the style of bags. When you look at bag trends for 2019 you can hardly say that trends come and go, because this year’s trend in bags is a mixed blend of everything we’ve ever seen, allowing anyone to look effortlessly chic.


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