f the answer is “YES” then your first step would be to earn some name and show your expertise in this domain. There are 2 ways we can help you–

  1. Writing for Beauty and Care and we will ensure the entire name & fame goes to you for all your work!
  2. Get a website setup done for you like Beauty and Care. Comes with some fees!

 Writing for Beauty and Care

  • All the writing and portfolio you put on the website will be in your name
  • We have a good number of visitors on the website, Facebook page and Twitter. You get all the opportunities to get featured and promoted there.
  • We are not charging you anything but expect a hard work from you
  • You get all the guidance and expertise to make your dreams true
  • Do not come here to promote your own website or Blog or get some SEO links. We do not work that way. We only want serious people to come here
  • If you run a parlor, or clinic or boutique, you can definitely contact us

Get a website like Beauty and Care

  • This offer is only for people who want to build a career in beauty/fashion industry, have a store, boutique or parlor or somewhere associated with this industry
  • We will buy and setup the domain and hosting for you
  • Complete website with CMS [Wordpress]
  • Complete setup and training for you to do it yourself
  • Everything setup and done as per your liking, you will be given 3 options to choose from
  • $ 300 for all this work, with support for 3 months

If you are aspiring career in modeling then get a portfolio website for you

  • Get a professionally designed and managed website
  • CMS [WordPress]
  • 1 year free domain and hosting
  • 2 updates monthly for 6 months
  • Choose from a verity of designs, Fill in the form for samples
  • $ 400 for all this work, with support for 6 months

Contact us at ansulgupta225@gmail.com