Loosen your belly! Keep track on your weight

Now obesity has become a vital concern. There are various ill effects of obesity. Hence, to reduce it is indeed a necessity. Here are a few ways to reduce weight:-

Walk walk walk

Make a point that you walk continuously for at least 30 minutes a days on an average. Initially, start by taking smaller rounds of 15 minutes. Keep increasing the time duration once you get used to it. If you cover long distances at the first go itself then you are likely to suffer a pain in your leg.

Go for a walk in early morning or in the evening. The weather at that time is pleasant. So, you can enjoy your peaceful walk.

Junk? No Junk!

Home-made food is any day better than outside food. You are oblivious as to what kind of ingredients is used in the food. This would even spoil your health and in turn make you fat due to the extra oil, butter, cheese and ghee. Making food at home by yourself, will make you a disciplinarian in junk-healthy-food matters.

Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It should be rich and healthy. Eating proper breakfast will not leave you hungry. Hence you are less likely to indulge in junk food. Include your breakfast of fruits, dry fruits, juices etc.

Eat smaller portions

Eat half of what you want to eat. Eat the other half after some time. This would keep your stomach filled and also the digestion process will go on steadily.

Perform Yoga

Many have an incorrect notion that Yoga helps to increase your flexibility and keeps your mind calm. However, practicing Yoga on the regular basis helps to build you muscles which in turn boosts metabolism. This would help to increase your concentration as well as help to have control over yourself

Spend more time outdoors

Indulge into outdoor games such as badminton, lawn tennis, cricket, football etc. Playing a sport has its own perks. You get to know the game better but besides that you become more active, the fluid in your brain triggers and helps you for your own betterment.

Build muscles

Building muscles helps to increase your metabolism.  This helps to burn all the calories in your body. It is advised to do push-ups, lunges and squats since these exercises help you to build muscles without any equipment.

Weigh yourself

Weigh yourself on daily biases. It helps you to keep a count on your weight. Following the above tips will surely help you to reduce your weight. By weighing yourself you will be motivated to lose more weight. Weighing yourself will keep you motivated to lose more. You also will get to know if you should increase your workout or cut down on food. If you don’t have a weighing machine at home check out this best selling weighing machine in India now

Stop Drinking Soda

Soda has a lot of sugar. It helps you to increase the sugar level in your body. Hence, if you want to lose weight, soda is a big no no. Always stay away from such beverages. Water is the best drink for any sort of thirst. Water keeps you hydrated and healthy.

Increase the intake of fruits

Fruits are healthy. Eating them more doesn’t increase the fats in you since its more of water. Moreover, fruits help you to fill your stomach. Fruits have a lot of healthy fibre. Also, you need not worry about the carb count; fruits have the good kind for the same.

So, start off with your regime !


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