5 Tips For Foundation Looking Flawless and Natural

Flawless skin is the key to a perfect look and foundation plays a major role in creating that look. However, the foundation has proven to be very tricky for most people to apply. Here are a few tips on how to have your skin appear perfect even when that is not the case.

#1 Find a Foundation Suits Your Skin

Sometimes we think that finding the right foundation color to suit your skin is an easy task but the opposite is true. Even makeup artists at times fail. The best you can do is visit a beauty store and try a few foundations, first on the hand so that you can feel its texture then on your jawline to see if its color blends in with your neck.  With foundation, color is not the only thing to put in consideration. You also need to make sure that you pick a foundation that best suits your skin type. If you have normal skin then get the foundation that is balanced; not so creamy or drying. If you have dry skin get a foundation that is cream based and hydrates the skin. For oily skin get oil-free foundation.

#2 Prepare Your Skin

Before applying any makeup on your face, you need to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. The next step is to apply moisturizer for skin that is dry and for oily skin apply mattifying premier. Now you can apply foundation. With that type of layers, you can be guaranteed of perfect looking skin and it will be for the whole day. It’s also advisable that you get products that have double functions such as moisturizer with sunscreen. It saves money and time you spend applying makeup.

#3 Use Appropriate Tools

Every time you wear foundation you need to keep in mind that perfectly smooth skin is your main target. Therefore you need to be keen on the type of tools you use to apply the foundation that will enable you to achieve the perfect look and feel. Some people prefer using a brush while others prefer their hands to help them have that flawless non-spotty and non-streaky look. Use whichever is cool with you but avoid using a sponge if your foundation is water based.

#4 Select Perfect Coverage

In order to achieve a natural look, select a formula that is light enough for your skin to handle well. If your skin is even toned then you can use sheer formulas but if your skin has lots of problems then try using a foundation that is pigmented. It’s best that when applying foundation you focus on your nose area, chin and central part of the face.

#5 Include Some Powder and Concealer

Mixing up the foundation with powder and concealer helps in perfectly covering up areas of the face that are considered to be more problematic. Applying concealer in areas such as under eyes and on blemishes then dusting off some powder on your forehead, chin and nose will help hide any blemishes and help maintain foundation on.


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