Body Odor- How to Deal with it?

Body odor is something that can make you feel embarrassed among the group of people around you. Most of the time a person is unaware of his stinking body odor in public places making a nauseating environment for others. It really becomes a challenge for others to tell you about this. Especially if a person is having a foul odor at workplace it’s hard for someone to point out the things. It is therefore very essential to take care of your body odor yourself so that you don’t face such situations. After all, smelling nice always feels good.

Causes of body odour

Sweating is the main reason for body odors. Sweating is not bad for body. It helps in controlling temperature but in some individuals excessive sweating occurs resulting in growth of bacteria. The smelly odor is caused by the growth of a certain bacteria on the surface of skin. When these bacteria get suitable conditions like a moist and warm environment they multiply and grows enormously. When they die they release a foul smell. In some cases a kidney or liver failure leads to bad body odor. When a person suffers from such diseases, the toxic substances that othennise would have been filtered by kidney and liver now gets eliminated through body pores. Apart from these, people having poor hygiene also suffer from bad odor.

The most common causes of sweating and body odor are:

Poor hygiene: If you are not much concerned about maintaining hygiene, bad odor may hit you. Lack of bathing, cleaning, wearing dirty clothes and inner wears may leave you with excessive growth of bacteria on your skin.

Skin diseases: Skin problems like psoriasis and any kind of allergy may release bad smell. Such skin infection sets off bad smell from body and clothes, even after maintaining proper hygiene.

Depression: A person under a state of depression often tends to neglect personal hygiene that results in accumulation of smell producing dead bacteria in the body.

Clothing: Sometimes clothes made of certain fabric facilitated excessive sweating ending up in increased production of foul smell from body. Tight-fitting and nylon mixed clothes provides bacteria a suitable environment to grow on the surface of skin.

Eating habits: It is found that some food that you eat may affect how you smell. A diet that is rich in lecithin or lysine may trigger body odor. Other food that facilitates extreme sweating is spicy food, onions, garlic, soya products, chocolates and alcohol.

How to deal with body odor

Body odor can be minimized at personal level with few lifestyle changes like:

Bathing regularly: Cleaning your body on a regular basis is a good way to start. Bathing cleans off the deposited bacteria enabling you to keep fresh and relieves from body odor. A nice scrub may further make the skin get rid of the smelly bacteria.

Using antiperspirants and deodorants: Many people are unaware of the difference between the two. Deodorants are much safer to use as they allows you to sweat first and then neutralizing the body odor with fragrance while antiperspirants tend to close down the pores making you sweat less which may have adverse effect on skin sometimes. Using deodorants is one of the best ways to hide your body odor when you are out from home for longer hours.

Antibacterial soap: It is a genuine way to get rid of body odor as it reduces the growth of bacterial grown on your skin. Using such soap during a bath may help out a lot if you are looking for a long time solution.

Boric Acid: Boric acid has antibacterial properties and may be applied after taking a bath to the area that smells bad. This product is less known among individuals but is very effective in treating body odor.

Proper diet: Some food tends to makes you perspire more stimulating apocrine sweat glands. Such foods are coffee, chocolates etc. Cutting down on such food products may help you keep smelling good. Intake of adequate fluids will also help reduce body odor. Also avoid alcohol as it makes you sweat more.

Keep yourself dry: One of the best ways to keep you dry is wear loosely fitted cotton clothes that allow air to pass through the skin not providing much scope for the bacteria to grow.

Treatments: Although body odor can be minimized with above mentioned simple tips but sometimes it may require professional help to combat the problem. For those who sweat excessively have a solution of process known as iontophoresis where the sweat pores are blocked for a few months with the help of electric charge, but a Doctor’s supervision is necessary before taking any medical treatment.


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