8 Steps to Help You Break From Your Normal Makeup Routine

Applying the same type make up in the same manner for months can really be boring. But when it comes to wearing makeup, boring should never be the description, instead it should be all about fun and exploring. It can be very interesting to experiment a bit and explore looks that go beyond what you used of. Try new texture, shades and even looks. Well what I will share with you today are some easy steps that will help you break from your makeup routine and have you standing out.

Break From Your Normal Makeup Routine

#1 Know Yourself

The first step to changing your makeup routine is to know you. You need to fully understand what it is that you like and what makes you happy. They are best starting point if you print out some face charts from Google and using a set of colouring pencils, try mix matching colour on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Finally when you settle for a colour or more, you can experiment it on your face.

#2 Be Inspired

In order for you to get a great new look, you need to be inspired. Inspiration can be found in a million places; art, movies, books, music, magazines, social media etc. The whole idea of getting an inspiration point is for you to copy whatever it is that you find fascinating. As you keep practising you will realize that you will learn a few tricks on how to personalize it and have it looking your own.

#3 Visit a beauty store

Going to a cosmetics beauty shop will help you have more ideas as you may get someone to talk to. The assistant at the store is likely to suggest new shades of lipstick or eye shadow and even allow you to sample it before you can purchase it. You can also leave the store with new tips on how to do some new stuff.

#4 Have a variety of looks

As you explore a new look, what you need to achieve is at least getting two to three different looks. It’s best if you have a look for the office, night out and relaxed weekends. There is no need to panic now. Different looks do not necessarily mean purchasing more products. You can use the products you already own and combine them differently or in different quantities to achieve different looks. For instance, to achieve a daytime look you can apply one layer of liquid eye-liner and for an evening look you apply thick layer of the same eye-liner.

#5 Practice skin care

In order to have your makeup looking good your skin needs to look great. Make sure you take good care of your skin, apply the right foundation in order to help achieve a good texture and tone.

#6 Your Complexion

The most constant thing in any look and makeup mix is having good complexion. However it’s also possible to try and change your face foundation and try out new shades of foundation, blush and primers.

#7 Focus on the lips and eyes

Put more focus on your lips and eyes as they are the two parts that have the most effect on your overall look. It is also easy to try new colours on them and explore more.

#8 Have Palettes

The easiest way to have a variety of colours to explore is by having a palette. A pallet gives you a variety of colours in small quantities but in one purchase. That way you will have colours to play around with and if you end up finding one that you fancy then you can get its full size.


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