5 Can’t-Ignore Apps: Heart Care and More

Heart Failure Trails

Heart Failure Trails is available on iOS and Google Play Store are INR 190 and INR 162.24 respectively

Cardiograph – This app not only helps users in taking care of their cardio system and heart but is also very entertaining and engaging. Basically, this mobile app is a multi-user heart-health tool with brilliantly designs and highly engaging user-interface. All users’ needs to do is to take a picture of their fingerprint and their heart-rate is computing automatically. Once the user’s fingerprint data gets stored, this app keeps a track on their heart-rate and other cardio details at regular interval of time. The best thing about this app is that it keeps users interested in their heart health details with its extremely user-friendly user-interface.


Cardiograph is free available on Google PlayStore and costs INR 120on iOS app store.

DigifitiCardio–This app makes you enjoy your cardio workout sessions as it comes with many social and music website integrated with it. This mobile heart-care solution not only makes you forget that you are sweating it out but also motivates users to work harder. Users can track their workout progress with the help of a real-time charting program. Moreover, users can map their jogging route, time themselves for a better cardio system and heart care. DigifitiCardioalso track other vital health details like weight, blood pressure and sleep information which explain users about their every possible health-related do’s and don’ts.


DigifitiCardio is available free on Google Play and iOS app store.

PulsePoint – This extremely advanced location-based mobile app can help someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest. A person trained on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can immediately provide first aid assistance to someone facing heart stroke nearby him using this amazing mobile app. If you are a registered user of this app and you are going to get an alert message if in case of somebody nearby you need help.

Pulse is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

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