10 Surprising Banana Health Benefits

Today, banana is the most sasta and acha fruit available in the market. They are really too nutritious and provide us with instant energy once consumed. Also, they can not only be used as fruits but besides that used in various kinds of food dishes.

Top 10 Banana Health Benefits

1) Potassium

Banana can maintain proper heart function and can regulate normal blood pressure.  This is because banana has a good amount of potassium in it. There are good chances of lowering your high blood pressure if you consume banana on daily basis. Also, the potassium in the banana is advantageous for your bones as well as your kidneys. Also you can escape painful kidney stones

2) More Energy       

As mentioned earlier, banana gives you instant energy. While playing tennis, the players take a quick bite off banana. This clearly defines that if biggies like that of tennis players have faith on a little bite o0f banana then it is surely going to help us in our longway! Energy drinks, sports drink etc. are unhealthy. They have more of preservatives and high amount of sugar then needed.  Banana is a combination of soluble fibre and potassium Besides all the junks for breakfast or short meals, opt for banana. This will help you to lose eight and also give you energy

3) Helps Digestion

Bananas are considered to be stomach filling. Also, if you haven’t gone to defecate even once in the day then you must eat one banana. It smoothens the process of digestion.  This is mainly because the dietary fibre is present in banana. The fibre is capable of smoothening

4) Good for Ulcers

The essence of banana creates a thick protective barrier in the stomach against hydrochloric acid.  This has the ability to protect you from stomach ulcers.

5) Vitamins and Minerals

Banana has a high amount of potassium, zinc, vitamin C, magnesium and manganese. You will also find small quantities of minerals like iodine, iron, selenium and zinc.

6) Skin Conditions

It also has a great effect on your skin. One can make various face-packs by the utilisation of banana.

7) Improving your Mood and Reducing Stress

Amino acid tryptophan is present in bananas which later get converted into serotonin. An adequate amount of serotonin improves mood, reduces stress, helps you feel and be happy, regulates your sleeping patterns also.. All in all makes you feel good and fresh.

8) Hangover Cure

Bananas are a great hangover food for mornings when you’ve overdone it a bit the night before. A couple of bananas in a blender with ice, some berries and coconut milk or organic cow’s or goat’s milk make a really good recovery drink.

This least complicated fruit can do wonders to your body!


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