10 Simple Ways to Control Hair Fall in Summer

Hair fall is also known as Alopecia can be very embarrassing and depressing. Those bald patches on your head can be frightening and irritating and can spoil your summer. Genetics, anaemia, stress, pollution, medications, vitamin deficiency and hormonal changes are some of the factors responsible for hair fall. So what is the solution to hair fall and are the anti-hair fall products productive? The only person who can find this is you!

Hair Fall in Summer? Check this 10 ways to Control it

#1 Coconut Milk

Enhanced with rich properties of nourishing tissue coconut milk is simply the best remedy to prevent hair falling. Coconut milk can be easily prepared by grinding the grated coconut and squeeze it to get the milk. Gently massage it on your hair and scalp leaving it for few minutes and then wash it.

#2 Amla

Amla as known as gooseberry can work wonders on your hair. Boiling dried amla in coconut oil is a great way to reduce hair fall, just massage your scalp with this oil and leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash it, drinking amla with shikakai can do wonders.

#3 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera balances the pH level of scalp and moisturizes it and is very effective and is one of the simple ways to control hair fall in summer. Cut the aloe Vera leaf and apply the juice gently on your scalp for an hour and then wash it with lukewarm water. Apply Aloe Vera thrice a week for best results.

#4 0il Massage

The simplest home remedy among these 10 simple ways to control hair falls in summer. Mix coconut oil, jojoba oil, mustard oil, lavender oil and almond oil to get best results and gently massage the scalp everyday for few minutes. Jojoba oil helps in the production of sebum in the scalp.

#5 Neem

The most popular herb Neem is beneficial for skin as well as prevent hair fall to a huge extent. Its astringent property helps in keeping dandruff away. Just boil Neem in water till the water reduces half and then apply the mixture and see the results within weeks!

#6 Curd and Lemon

The mixture is a natural conditioner and moisturizer, cut the lemon and squeeze it in a cup containing curd and apply it on your hair. Wait for 20-25 minutes and then wash off. Egg can also be used to obtain better results due to its inherent moisturizing property.

#7 Prepare a serum cum pack

For instant results, a serum cum pack can do wonders. You can prepare the serum by adding Aloe Vera in honey mixed with cinnamon and olive oil, you can also mix aloe with Neem, egg albumin, curd and amla. Both can provide instant results.

#8 Vitamin intake

Deficiency in vitamin B is a major cause for hair fall but can be corrected by having a nutritious diet. Fish, green vegetables and nuts can solve your hair problems.

#9 Stay Hydrated

Drink 15-20 glass of water daily to stay hydrated and fresh

#10 Exercise

Exercise promotes hair growth by improving metabolism and better absorption of vitamins and nutrients intake.it reduces stress which is a major factor for hair fall. Pushup, crunches, meditation, power yoga and running helps in improving the metabolism process and eventually leads to hair growth. So exercise daily in the gym or at home!

These are the simple ways to control hair fall in summer but if the problem is more severe consult a dermatologist. Moreover, it is advised not to use chemicals or such things without consulting it with the doctor. Use of Chemicals can even increase the hair fall and you can even go bald! So try to avoid such things. There are some good products available in the market which can help in reducing hair fall such as Himalaya shampoo and Tresemme hair fall defense shampoo and many more which can reduce the hair fall but remember hair fall is an indicator of your unhealthy and stressful life so the best way to avoid it is to be happy and lead a happy life!

Avoid the excessive use of alcohol, caffeine and anti-hair fall products to see better results. The above remedies can do wonders and are the simple ways to control hair fall in summer.


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