Winter Nails Beauty Tips


So we are ready to welcome winters! I personally love this season of the year but I know lot of my friends would have started worrying about their skin and how to take a good care of it. One thing which normally we miss is to take care of our nails in this season. There is nothing that says lady than well groomed and polished nails. They not only make you achieve that edgy look but also make you more attractive. They really give your hands a better pretty look and you even look classier. Nail painting can also be a perfect way to kill boredom and idleness.

winter nail care

What most people fail to know is that just like clothes, nail polish changes with season and fashion. Just as you change your wardrobe for winter you can do the same with your nail polish. What am going to do is share a few tips on the appropriate colours that will keep your nails looking perfectly awesome, stylish and fit your winter fashion too.


This is considered the best winter colour and a classic too since it never runs out of fashion. It gives a deep, rich and sophisticated look and it also has a luster when well polished. It actually blends well with deep burgundy lipstick, perfect for a typical evening look. If it worked for Selena Gomez then it will surely work for you!

Silver and gold

Silver and Gold are classic hues but you should wear them together at one go. Silver gives a Gray gunmetal shade and on the other hand gold is good with a hint of green. It’s best if you applied the polish in a square way and keep it short so that you do not end up appearing too vampy. You can have a closer look at how to compliment the polish with your attire from a fashion show by chanel.

Emerald Green

This is a colour that will just get you going and a different spirit to face life. It gives you a rock star look and could even be worn on other seasons. It even looks better on long nails, just have a look at Rihanna and you will clearly understand what I mean.


Nude is like the in thing of fashion. It began with pumps, and then came the bags and finally there are the nails. The best way to wear the nude nail polish is by combining it with beige. Just by having the tips rounded then they end up appearing longer and prettier and having a half-moon manicure that is a mixture of beige and black. The great thing about nude polish is that it can have you transform your look from just casual to elegant.

So who said that winter means less fashion? On the contrary you could take it as a season to try out new nail polish shades.


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