What to wear at office?


Wearing anything is in itself a big task for any lady/ girl, when even one doesn’t find anything (nice) to wear everyday (pun intended). So when the question of wearing something at office comes, it becomes more elaborative because then one has to not only wear something (obviously), but also make a (style) statement and look all the more elegant at the same time. Also, office can be a very boring place, of course, you go to same place 9-5, dealing with same people, same monotonous routine. You can’t break free from this routine, but with the help of this article, you may find a way to revamp your wardrobe and make it easier to deal with the day in a more “fashionable” way. Also, dressing smartly at work is important to make a good impression and move up in your career.

Some of the basic tips can be:

  • Make sure your outfit is simple without too many frills and multiple layers of clothing. If you choose to wear western clothes, pick a suit for formal occasions. Light-coloured shirts with dark suits work well.
  • Indian dresses provide both an edge to your look, but can be both trendy as well as formal for your office setting. For presentations and seminars, a colour-blocked sari works well. Slightly less formal is a knee-length, straight-cut kameez (long Indian shirt), with a churidar (tight-fitting pants). Try and work up in bold colours and light print.


  • The CLASSIC look is probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office, regardless of your job, but also the most likely to get you looking boring, unless you remember this ONE TIP: always wear a statement piece, or just a more fun item to your look (shoes, bag, jewellery, watch, lips, nails).
  • The CASUAL business look, or the-can-I-wear-jeans-to-work is actually pretty easy to do and quite versatile. The TIP is to always wear heels, a very smart/feminine top (think silky blouse, men-shirts, structured tops), a blazer and a professional bag. Have fun with accessories and even shoes and bags depending on your job.
  • If you choose to wear make-up, keep it subtle. In accessories, a delicate necklace or subtle earrings are fine, but avoid wearing large danglers or other garish accessories.
  • The hairdo also plays a role in helping you look professional. You can make bun, a plait, a pony, let your hair down completely. The only limitation here is that it shouldn’t be time-consuming, as most ladies would agree with me that on most days, they are rushing to office. So, who would have time for an elaborate hair-do? Just style your hair with minimum maintenance and the way that complements your attire.
  • Never let go of your comfort. Some offices demand a certain dress code to be followed but majority do not. So if you don’t know how to carry a sari or do not feel comfortable while maintaining your posture and demeanour, when the office requires you to wear Indian attire as formals, then stick to either a light sari or salwar-kameez only.

So ladies, what will you be wearing tomorrow then?


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