Wedding Scenes


The season of the wedding creeps in, and people would rush to their boutiques and designers for their new dresses and cholis, kurtas and sherwani. The trend of stitching does have changed and the public prefers to buy it from the stores if they get something of their choice and desire. It not only saves times, but money and efforts as well sometimes. In the busy schedules of the people, it becomes difficult to visit the designers and the tailors on regular basis, getting their clothes stitched.

Go and find the right material that you want for your outfit, get the matching bottoms or the other materials required for the same, take it to the tailors, get your measurements done, give it for the stitching, and then visit every interval to check if its ready or not. And once it is done, you even need to check if it looks the same as you had thought of or that it needs more of alterations and modifications. And so again, rush to the tailor and get your alterations done until you are satisfied with the overall outlook and fitting.


On the other hand, when people really don’t have time from their work schedules and other responsibilities, they either resort to buying the clothes from the stores or even at times rent it. Fortunately, the renting system is growing and that it equally provides nice attires, almost like the stores and has reasonable rents. It is convenient for the ones who do not have any further use of the same attire and that they do not wish to spend money over tailoring and material or getting something brand new from the store.

When the people do not get something of their choice, at times they might end up going to a tailor and get their attire is stitched. The stores on the other hand, have really nice collection separate for the wedding section. The cholis, the dresses, the lehengas, the dupattas, the sherwanis, the bottoms and the various other heavy traditional outfits are being displayed and checked for. On the same lines, the heavy palazzos and the kurtis are being designed in such a way that can be worn during the wedding season, and be flaunting about.

When the time changes and that the seasons are changing, the wedding trends also are changing. Some might prefer wearing a saree at the wedding one time where as they might prefer wearing a pair of palazzos and kurti on the other. The way you carry yourself, the make-up that complements your attire, the crispy eye liner that defines your eyes, the colored lips, the jewelry that you carry on you during the weddings and the shoes that goes with all of it, is all that defines you and your true self. The wedding calls for the beauties and the women are in all form to show off their attires and the makeup. The jewelry and the heels, the glitter and smile is all that she flaunts about.


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