Wear those boots


Boots can never go out of trend. They look sassy as well as elegant. Not only this, you can wear them in varied lengths, starting from ankle-length up to your knees. Also you can choose from not only different materials but also different designs, according to both your attire as well as the setting in which you are wearing your boots. But don’t wear them with Indian dresses (pun intended). Also they can be worn with heels as well as without them. Boots are very versatile and come in many different styles and heights, but it can be difficult to choose what type of boot works best with an outfit. Learn how to choose a pair of boots that is right for the occasion, pairs well with dressy or casual outfits, and is flattering to your body:

  • Match your boot to the occasion. Pick out your boots according to the setting and activity you will be doing.
  • Choose ankle or knee-high boots with a low heel or no heel for walking around town, attending a sports game, or other casual occasions.
  • Choose heeled boots for a party or night time outing that is a little dressier.
  • Get a quality hiking boot for hiking or work boot for outdoor work that will support your ankles and feet against rough terrain and labour.
  • The number one way to wear your boots this fall is with jeans. So easy and classic! To create a balanced fall look when it’s still not super cold, try a vest for a cute layered look. Then add an oversized necklace in a pretty colour to add a bit of softness and femininity, as well as drawing attention up toward your face.
  • Pencil skirts are a great combination with boots, but you have to be careful with the proportions. Choose pencil skirts that hit at, or right above your knee so that you have several inches of open leg. Don’t let the boots and skirt touch!


  • Dresses and boots are a great pairing for any season, and an exposed bare leg is a perfect transitional look. Again, make sure you have plenty of space between your dress hem and your boots. Use a scarf to add a bit of bulk toward the top of your outfit to balance out the heavy boots at the bottom. Don’t be afraid to pair black and brown – they’re both neutrals so they go together just fine!
  • Use a bold boot as a statement piece. To make boots the focal point of your outfit, try out knee-high boots in a bright colour like red or purple, cowboy boots with colourful embroidery, or a high stiletto-heel boot. Make sure you wear more neutral and solid colour clothing when you opt for a statement boot.
  • Follow fashion trends. Keep an eye out for what the latest trends in boots are, because they’re always changing. Try the current trend on the runway: Western-style ankle boots with a pointed toe.

Boot up your style quotient and go out with confidence.


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