Various timings for the consumption of food


All of us have the bad habit of having any kind of food at any of the moment, be it day, noon or night. Hardly do we have any routine or maintain that discipline in our eating habits. The current generation would rather prefer to eat something late at nights and enjoy the late nights along with their friends and cousins and family. Unfortunately, according to the dietitians and nutritionists, eating late at nights, even the dinner is not good for the body and the digestive system. It becomes difficult to digest late at nights when our body is not under any of the activity. And therefore, the undigested food is accumulated in the form of fats.

It is therefore important to note the timings of the various food items and in what amount should they be consumed. It simply brings some kind of discipline in our eating habits and maintains our bodies. For example, it is very difficult to digest cheese and the cheese containing products consumed late at nights. It takes almost more than a day to digest the cheese and when consumed late at nights, it takes even more time. Apparently, one should consume the cheese and the cheese containing dishes during the day.


Even in case of dry fruits and fruits, there are some of them which are recommended to be strictly not consumed during nights. It might have a totally opposite reaction because of the improper consumption. The oranges, grapes, strawberries or most of the citric fruits should be avoided after 9 PM. The even the fruit juices should be avoided as they are acidic in nature which might cause the heart burn. In case of walnuts, they are suggested to be taken during the day time, especially during the evenings.

Something that you should prefer having at nights is a dish of broccoli and cauliflower. They are crunchy and are low in carbohydrates. It would make an ideal late night snack if one would prefer. Even spicy and chilies are to be avoided at night as they cause the heartburn and made you cry for sleep.


It is always recommended to have your breakfast as a king and your dinner like a beggar. By the end of the day, the systems get saturated and it becomes difficult for them as well to digest everything and when burdened with heavy food, it eventually turns in to fats and accumulate in the body and you therefore gain weight.

Ensure that you have proper eating habits as it might help you in the future when you really have no energy to get up and prepare your own food. The nutrition and the minerals that you get from your food mainly help you in maintaining your body. The more better you have the better it will be in the future and that it will also help in your olden days. The strength and the energy that it creates helps to run even during your 60s.


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