Upgrade Your Look With These Hottest Hairstyles for 2014


2014 has some amazing hairstyle trends and one aspect of wearing a hot hairstyle is the hair color. For this year the ombre hair color is still popular for several women. With the ombre look, the bottom section of the hair is different from the color of the main hair color and when applied to the hair, it gives off a blended but neat look. Platinum blonde is also making a comeback in women’s hairstyles, and there is also the bronde look that is in style, which is a combination of brunette and brown. Here are a few stylish hairstyle trends for this year.

Hottest Hairstyles for 2014, 2014 Hairstyles

Soft Waves

Soft waves are not new but they’re back in style this year because they have a romantic feel to them and they look fantastic for the spring and summer. The textured soft waves are slightly more defined than the traditional soft waves and to achieve soft waves in your hair, you would take a curling iron and curl only the middle sections of the hair while leaving the remainder of your hair straight. If you want a bohemian look to your waves, part the side of your hair and put a floral hairpiece on the side of the hair.

21st Century Shag

The shag was first worn by men and women in the 1970’s and early 80’s and traditionally the shag would be styled with short layers near the sides and back and longer layers towards the front. The sides of the hair shouldn’t be too short and instead you want to have some length for authentic shag. The shag should also look a little messy rather than perfect. The shag is suitable for younger and older women, and it’s not hard to maintain. To give the shag an edgy look, include some bangs near the front.

Get It Straight

This year straight hair is all the rage and if you want a low maintenance hairstyle that will make you look fabulous, wears your hair long and straight. If you’re getting a weave for this hairstyle, you want to choose a weave that matches the texture and color of your hair so that the style will not look outlandish.

Stylish Low Ponytail

If you want a simple and casual but still stylish hairstyle, wear a low ponytail since it is another popular look for 2014. But when you style the low ponytail you want to add one or two sparkling hair pins on the side of the ponytail and instead of wrapping your hair in a plain rubber band, wrap it with a bold colored decorative hair band that matches your outfit and jewelry.

Braided Hairstyles

For those whose hair frizzes easily in the summer months and who don’t like to deal with complex hairstyles, consider wearing braided hairstyles. There is the headband braid and you achieve this look by braiding a section of your hair across the top of your hair. Another idea is to sport cornrows or wear micro braids. Or you may choose to wear a braided chignon bun on the side of your hair when going out with a date.

1920’s Inspired Hairstyles

Thanks to the latest version of the movie The Great Gatsby that debuted last year, we’re seeing more women sporting 1920’s inspired hairstyles such as finger waves, the classic bob and pin curls. In addition to this, they’re also wearing vintage hair pins with the styles.


It’s not just singer Janelle Monae who rocks a classic pompadour these days; other women who have a flair for vintage hair are also wearing this look. The pompadour will take you back to the days of rockabilly music and drive-ins of the 1950’s and it is classy and feminine at the same time there are also some men who are wearing this style as seen with Bruno Mars in recent years.


2014 is an eclectic and exciting year for hairstyles and if you feel you need to update your hairstyle, start with the above mentioned looks then do further research on other styles that suit your personality and facial structure. Your hairstylist can also give you advice on whether the style you’re interested in works best for you Choose a hairstyle that not only looks fabulous but that is also easy to maintain during the week if you have a busy schedule.


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