Types of Necklaces for Women


Till when are you going to keep styling yourself with earrings and sometimes bracelet? Why keep the neck empty? Why not give it a new look?  Why not take a top notch to style? The trend of necklaces is very much in these days. Wearing a traditional necklace with a western outfit is a thumb up too. Here is a list of various kinds of neck pieces. If you wear a plain dress and along with that, a good neckpiece then the necklace changes your look entirely.  So, here are the different types of necklaces for women.


  1. Choker

It was a popular kind of neckpiece back in the 90s and then became a fad. Now, it’s back with a bang. These are kind of a chic option for women with long neck. They give a good look, indeed. They snuggle around the neck. Wearing such a neckpiece with a strapless dress or a deep neck, gives a look of sheer elegance. Or you can also wear them with jeans and t-shirt… depends on the kind of choker is used.


  • Bib Necklaces

No not what you are thinking. It’s not a kind of necklace designed for toddlers. However, it does look like a bib that a toddler uses while eating food. Thu\is kind of a necklace adds taste to a bland outfit instantly. It has beads, layers and bling. It gives a sizzle effect and rests near your collar bone.


  • Multi Layered Chain Necklace

They are the funkiest of the lot. They have overlapping layers and they give your collar bone some bling effect. Wearing a plain coloured dress and teaming it upon it multi layered necklaces is a good option. They look amazing on your collar bones. The pendants of the chain dangle and look gorgeous. Such a necklace can be layered with various kinds of stones, diamonds or small coins etc. Such kinds of necklaces can be a changing factor in your entire look.


  • Tassel Necklace

They are pretty in their own minimalist way. They give a good bohemian look. They also give a good summery look for various kinds of outfits.  To have a dash for your tassel necklace, wear it with a patterned top.


  • Princess

 It’s one of the well-known necklaces. It’s around 16 to 18 inches long.It is worn below the collar bones and it looks great when worn with pendants. You can wear such kind of a necklace with any tops or dresses or any kinds of clothes rather.


  • Matinee

 It is a kind of a necklace which goes well with traditional as well as western outfits. You can wear them over your one –pieces or on your traditional sarees.  You can wear them for your formal business meetings or with casual clothes. It is supposed to be a long necklace which reaches the chest. If you are donning this kind of a neck piece then see to it that the dress you wear doesn’t have a neck design at its collar. That would destroy the look of this necklace.


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