Types of Lipsticks


Nowadays, lipsticks have become very popular part of makeup. Even if you go for a regular outing with friends such as movies, one wears a lipstick. Lipstick is one essential part of our make4up. A makeup indeed looks incomplete without a lipstick. Lipstick changes your face and gives you a good new look. There are various kinds of lipstick. You may use different lipsticks as per your mood and shape.  Lipstick adds a lot of drams to your character at times. Here are some kinds of lipsticks and their characteristics.


  1. Moisturizing lipsticks

As the name suggests these kinds of lipstick adds moisture to your dry lips. The moisture is because of the ingredients like Vitamin E, glycerine and aloe. These things keep the lips soft, smooth and also shiny.  Shiny lips adds good glow on your face. It’s because of the glow that you would even feel fresh and happy.

  1. Satin and Sheer lipsticks

Satin and sheer lips are also a good option in order to moisture your lips and also nourish them. They have a lot of oil content in them. They make your lips look darker and shinier. The glossy factor is mainly because of the high oil ingredient. They look dark on the package. However, once applied, they look light. Another factor of this is that it should be applied many times.

  1. Matte lipstick

They are straight colours without any shiny element. They have the ability to mark your lips look younger smoother and even colourful. It is recommended to combine the products with Vitamin E and aloe with matte lipsticks. Any colour of a matte lipstick gives a nice shade to your lips and also gives you a refreshing look.


  1. Cream lipsticks

If you have small lips then it is advisable for you to put creamy lipsticks. These kinds of lipsticks don’t make you look shiny but however they smoothen your lips. Cream lipsticks contain good amount of wax in them.  This has the ability to protect your lips. Also, you may apply lip gloss on your lips for yet a better and desired look. Sometimes, cream lipstick also leads to dryness of the lips.

  1. Pearl and Frosted lipstick

They can make your lips shine a lot! Your lips would sparkle and glisten if applied frosted lipstick on your lips. Because of too much of sparkle, your lips might become dry and eventually can crack. It also makes your lips feel heavy. It is advisable to moisture your lips before applying this kind of a lipstick.

  1. Gloss Lipstick

This is a women’s favourite kind of lipstick. For women with small and thin lips, this kind of a lipstick works really well. They make the lips look bold too. Also, putting lip gloss on a traditional lipstick is a good bid.

Now we see how vivid our make-up has become. In the beginning, there wouldn’t be much option for colour also. It would be choosing between red and pink. However now, it is all changed because the social animal needs more and more things.


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