Types of Crop Tops


Crop top is in vogue. If you have a glance over various crop top kinds then they surely are going to be ever green just like Little Black dress. If not that, the top has a good dominance over the marker and the girls wearing them. There is a high notion that girls with flat tummies can only take them off well. However, this indeed is a myth. Crop tops look good on every size and on every age type too! Whatever kind of an outing you have be it a DJ party or some elegant evening party or normal casual hangout with buddies, the crop tops serves all such kind of looks.


  1. Cropped V-Neck:

As the name suggests, this has a V-neck. It is well-fitted by the bust line. It can be either a deep v or a shallow v. If worn right and on a good body type, this top is sure to look classy for may be your evening semi-formal events. If they are teamed up with flared or dirndl skirts.


  1. Lace Crop:

They are a common type of crop top these days. However, if worn right with the right kind of skirt, pants or shorts and of course inners then this top would do wonders. Lace top is a see through top and hence the kind of inner you choose is essential. If it is a funky look then it is recommended to wear it over  neon inners. If a classy look, then don’t show your bra straps at all!


  1. Sequined Crop:

They are shimmy shimmy party wear tops. One would wear it to disco… At a DJ party. They always look good because of their material. It is thin and gives your body a good shape. Teaming a completely sequenced top with a one colour bottom is better.


  1. The Blouse Crop:

They are an elegant kind of crop top. It gives you a better look depending on the fabric. Wearing a well fitted blouse crop top with a saree of a contrast colour is a good option.  Wearing the ruffled blouse crop top with leggings and long earrings and a good lip colour and good pumps is a great bid.


  1. Chiffon Crop:

This is just a kind of a material. Wearing this you feel really comfortable. This kind of a material is kind of cosy too. Chiffon is a see through material. Hence wearing them with comfortable inners is a must. Wearing this with well fitted black pants is an ideal option which won’t go wrong.


  1. Print Crop Tank:

This top is very well available in the market. It is an ideal crop top.  It makes your body look quiet proportionate and also makes you feel comfortable. It comes in various kinds of designs. Teaming them up with either ripped jeans or shorts gives you a good casual wear.

 Accordingly there are various options to ditch your boring tees and tops to give you a good like. Also a little body show is no harm. Besides that, longer crop tops are available in the market too.


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