Types and Meanings of Rings


Rings are a part of almost every girl’s accessory. It’s not only a style statement that you make by wearing rings. Sometimes it also has a deeper symbolic meaning to it. The kind of ring that is styling your finger can show some kind of your belief or can also show your marital status. There are such kinds of rings that one would not even know that they exist.

Rings and their meanings :


Promise Ring

This is a step closer to an engagement ring. When a couple is yet not all set to get hitched, they exchange promise rings that states ‘’we will get engaged someday” An appropriate gemstone for this ring is a pearl. Small diamonds are also a good choice.

Engagement Ring

Traditionally, this ring is received by a woman by a man who intends to marry her. It has the most emotional weight in the western countries and nowadays even in India.  This little ring is said to ‘seal the deal’ about marriage between the partners. They are usually diamond rings. However, coloured sapphire is also appropriate.


Masonic Ring

This ring represents the sign of authentic affiliation to a particular group. This kind of a ring often has the letter at the centre.

Purity Ring

This was a new trend which had started in 1990s by abstinence groups and also won the pre-teens and teens to signify pledge to remaining until marriage. They have the words “Love Waits” on the ring sometimes. These rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand and represents that a wearer will remain a virgin until marriage.

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring as we all know is worn on the third finger of the left hand too. It shows that the wearer is married. It is a proof rather! Both, a man as well as a woman wears this ring. There is variety of designs in this kind of a ring. It could be simple gold or silver or a diamond studded ring. It was believed that the vein of the third finger of the left hand reaches directly the heart.  Hence, the ring is worn on that finger. It embodies marital status of both the individuals.

Now moving on to funky kind of rings

  1. Knuckle Ring

Their diameter is so small to be worn almost at the fingertip.  It is kind of worn on the knuckles. It looks good when worn with combination of rings. 

  1. Mood ring

These kinds of rings change their response according to the body temperature.


  1. Mourning ring

These kinds of rings are also called as memorial rings. They are worn in the memory of some near and dear one after their death.

  1. Birthstone ring

It usually is a ring with the birthstone of the wearer or maybe the birthstone of his or her spouse. 

Accordingly we saw different kinds of rings and a few along with their hidden meaning. Little had we even given a shot to think about the meanings of this ring.


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