Tricks to flaunt your curvaceous body


Women in any sizes are beautiful. It only takes the right dress to look perfect. If you a special occasion to go to then, selecting the perfect dress will flatter and flaunt your curves and make you look attractive. We all have the good areas and not so good areas in our body. The perfect dress up is when we flaunt the good areas and hide the not so good areas. Let it be the fabric, style, cuts, patterns, accessories and combination of other elements will make you look party perfect. Whether you’re looking to wear it for casual date night or any special occasion, perfect dress up will make you the show stopper. Let’s know more about these tricks.


Initially you must know about type of body that you have because usually our shape is exactly not on of those general body types like apple, pear, rectangle round etc.

Create your waste

If you are blessed with waste then flaunt it. Every woman wants to show off as hour glass figure. To accentuate your curves more opt for a dress that creates waist at your smallest part which often right below the bust line. The bodycon or fitted dress with knee length will be flattering and feminine for plus-size woman. If, not having much of a waist create a faux waist by cinching in the smallest part of your silhouette, by accessorising it, particularly to create that waist look.

Highlight the features that you have

Look onto features of your body that you actually want to highlight and flaunt. It can be toned legs, curves, cleavage or any area. It’s logical to thing that plus sized women should not show off their big assets. You can show off legs by picking a dress that hits above knee, and peplum dress can accentuate the hourglass silhouette. For plus size women V neck and sweetheart neck line will emphasize on your collar bones and would be flattering.

The right under garment

Find the right under garments to make your dress look fabulous. They are very important for women with curves. Selection of well-fitting, smooth underwear and bras, especially the supportive ones will make your dress look better. Choose the under garments which are perfectly fit and comfortable to your frame.

How to choose the perfect colours

Black although makes you look slimmer but dare to wear colours. Black does hide your problem areas but it’s boring too wearing those plain, neutral shades. For finding the right dress, flowing fabrics that drape around the body are best for curvaceous woman. Invest in high quality fabrics made more structured will be a better choice. Soft satin, silk, cotton are structured. Don’t wear stiff fabric material.

Patterns for you

Never pick bright colours and horizontal stripes; it will make you look wider. The last most important trick is to wear these confidently and carrying it comfortably. These are not one of the rules but just tricks. If these goes well with your comfort zone carry them otherwise, leave them. Just do what looks best on you. Love what you are, enjoy what you wear.


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