Trendy Women Bags- Be in fashion with these handbags


The handbag decides the women’s identity. It depicts her awesomeness and showcases her life style. Choice of handbag changes with every season. When it is winter women seek for bags which can hold gloves, lotions and moisturizers. When summer knocks hand bags need space for wipes, face washes and water bottles. This article shows the different and the latest trends popular around the globe among the women of different age groups.

Let it be the old nanny who works as a babysitter or the young woman driving to college or the sexy women entrepreneur, a handbag is more a women’s accessory to fulfill the blend of style, necessity and beauty. There are girls who wait for a new hand bag launch every season following the time of fashion.

Trendy Fashionable Bags For Women

Mulberry’s latest willow handbag says I have no competition!

With just the perfect cuts, beautiful curves, flamboyant colors and eye catching designs, they just woo the women in the world, Tory Burch collection says ‘We are hot’, Gucci says, ‘I am renaming luxury’. The trend for Gucci has become eco-friendly. They have launched the eco-friendly handbags which have hurled the hand bags world. Tom fords hand bags launched new handbags this winter which are not only hot but too ogling. Other handbags fashion setters are Nancy Gonzales, Murcia, Patricia Nash, wild craft, Sondra Roberts, puma, new feel, Sasha, Quechua and tremendously many more!

Choose the perfect handbag for the perfect you!

different types of handbags

Beauty itself is a woman. So do few accessories which add more charm to a female. Cosmetics, combs, trinkets, mirror, wipes, lip gloss, gadgets, mobiles, booklets etc are ought to be in the handbag. Who knows you might need to get ready to go shopping or your boyfriend might ask you out right away! What is in the women’s handbag is what a man can never guess. Choosing the handbag isn’t too tough.

The hand bags should suit the color of your attire. Remember the place you are going to, before picking up a handbag from your cub board. Are you going to a prom? Then pick a trendy handbag to suit your one piece. If you are going to a wedding pick the most beautiful handbag. If you are heading for a party pick the handbag which makes you look Bindaas! Won’t it be happily embarrassing if the girl beside stares at your lovely handbag? Be smart and you will be famous!


The woman and her handbag are unique!

Women in the world are a combination of uniqueness. The ‘sexy’ women, the ‘business’ women, the ‘trendy’ women, the ‘naughty’ women, the ‘nerd’ women, the ‘sensitive’ women, the ‘beautiful’ women and the ‘traditional’ women, for each woman with wide preferences, their handbags choice is unique like them. Of course, she has the power to choose and He has the responsibility to pay! Handbags are indeed the personal accessory which needs to suit the dressing style, the place we are going to and our personality. Sarah Jessica Parker uses the gold colored “Chanel” handbag during her visit to fashion meet. Kirsten Dunst’s too says I use Chanel handbags. Want to catwalk holding Vyessaint Laurent metal black handbag with lady gaga? Or did you ever think of finding a jack with Tod’s branded handbag Kate Winslet uses?

Satchel handbags today are used by most of the professional and college going females because they can accommodate more items. Innumerous is the variety of handbags ranging from satchels, tote bags, leather hand bags, purses, long strap hand bags, hand bags with additional straps, hobos, cotton handbags, cloth handbags and more. They are also found in various shapes from square, circular, curvy with more pockets and multiplied sizes.

What is your choice of handbags?

Before buying the hand bag read the tags attached. They have the complete information about what you are buying and what it is made up of if it is pure leather or fabric. Product details are meant to be read for better usage, durability and long life of the handbag.

Out of the prodigious choices to make from the red blood color to the pleasant white color, from the blur strips on baby pink to the silver belt on black leather, handbags.

Add more beauty to yourself; find the perfect handbag because you are meant to be gorgeous! Just make sure that you have chosen the right handbag that goes perfectly with the occasion for which you have bought it.


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