Trending make up tips for 2016


For women, spending time on their appearance can make drastic changes to mood, confidence, self-esteem, and pride. Make up can serve as a great tool to improve any of these areas, but being current on fashions will give an added boost. As the monsoon rages on, the trends for the spring 2016 season are being defined on red carpets and runways. It can be hard to keep up with trending makeup and makeup tips. Taking a glimpse at your favorite stars during awards season, or taking a gander at your favorite designer during fashion week are both the options the professionals use when figuring out what is trending for the season.

make up tips for 2014

First, purple hues, especially violet are very current for eye makeup. Even though no one wakes up and desires to look bruised or sleepy when walking away from their vanity, when done correctly this look can give off a very elegant and glamorous appearance.

With the next trending make-up tip, it can be used in more than one facet. Bold eyeliner is all the rage! The timeless cat eye can be taken straight from the runway and used in everyday life. Choose a size and shape depending on the face shape and many tutorials can be found on the internet to help tame a liquid liner. Whether making a trip to the grocery store or a night out on the town, one can look fashionable at any time with a sleek cat eye. Also, lining the bottom lash line with kohl eyeliner for a deep, dramatic look is very “in”, but should be kept to being used only during night time hours.

Next, whether taking a peek at the red carpets or on the runways of New York City, berry stained lips can be seen everywhere! Better than gloss during windy days and better than most lipsticks when it comes to staying power, lip stains can seem like a no brainer choice. The difficult part is choosing the right berry hue from the endless options. One usually sifts through the many options by considering their features and complexion. There is a juicy cranberry, deep raspberry, bold blackberry and everything in between. For darker skin tones, a purple or plum look will flatter most unless something more subtle is desired than a prune color with a gentle shimmer may be more appropriate. As for the lighter complexion, pink undertones will compliment those with light colored eyes, where blue undertones will work for those with either light or dark eyes. For the lightest, porcelain complexions, the preference should sway toward deep berry hues with red undertones.

To add, this next trend will make the low-maintenance ladies crack a smile because of this trend, or lack thereof is no mascara. All over the runways, the makeup artists stayed away from bold lashes and opted for the simple use of eyelash curlers instead. This is refreshing considering how deep hues and heavy eyeliner have seemed to take over this season.

Finally, also for the minimalists, the egg white eye has been featured more than once. This trend complements anyone and can be used to look at the top of fashion even when being on a budget for a time it has been said that the look was inspired by ballerinas, very elegant ballerinas. Use this tip when wanting to show your natural features, but would still like to take pride in your appearance. Change it from a daytime cubicle look to a night on the town look by adding a subtle shimmer.

Busy women of today’s world are accomplishing more and more and becoming increasingly beautiful. There is no age limit to timeless beauty and there is no excuse when staying up to date on current makeup trends has never been easier! These tips can be used on women of all ages and can be worked into everyday routines, if not easily than can be perfected with very little practice. Make the makeup trends your own and seem

Fashion forward by choosing the boldest option of each tip, or seem like a savvy, elegant beauty by choosing the most subtle options. Every woman should have the opportunity to seem red carpet ready every day when strutting into work or practice their runway walk every time while carting the little ones to and from their after-school activities. Since women are busier than ever it is important that make up is easily accomplished and readily available; the world seems to be ever adapting to these needs. Inexpensive makeup can be found at corner drug stores for those trying out new products or colors, while quality options are available at department stores for those women who have found their favorite products, colors, and techniques. For any questions involving any of the spring 2014 trends, the salesperson at your local department store makeup counter can prove to be of a lot of help.


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