If you are looking to try out something casual and trendy this summer, there is no better choice than to pick up crop tops at your nearest store girls. The spring is right on its track and it’s time to shift gears and try out the colours and the casual! With the season of fests, parties, gala events on the one hand and office, college and work making your schedule a little more hectic than usual, it is the season to go relaxed and confidant at the same time – the smart, sexy and the business look – all combined into one.


For a sexy look you can try on some denim shorts with a full sleeve crop top or a short skirt with a sleeveless at a beach party or a housewarming event. For a college event, or a late night house party – you can try on crop tops with a midi skirt. For a long day at the field or streets you can try the classic Demi Moore style of crop top blouse with a blue denim jeans – deciding of course on how much you want to expose your stomach or mid riff. Crop tops are perfect for girls with a busy schedule who are looking to shift looks on a short notice.s

The great thing about crop tops is that you can style with absolutely anything. Beginning from some matt jewelry, you can put on some ripped and loose fitted jeans – and voila! You are good to go! Crop tops come in a variety of designs – loose for day events – the Spice Girl look, the high-waist corporate look with a pencil skirt, tube skirt and stiletto sandals – which can take you right through interviews and office – to tight fit crop tops which are perfect for a night party or a DJ event. Lucky for you girls crop tops support a wide range of jewelry styles from short tight fitting to long loose fitting jewelry – depending on the mood that you are in. Overalls may look a bit too ‘80’s but crop tops go well with overalls too. Crop tops can just set the right mood for the right event. It can carry off a photoshoot-model look, to a stylish ethnic look with a variety of long skirts.


 The best part of crop tops is that it looks good on girls of all sizes. A baggy crop top may just make you look unbelievably smart. The trick is to choose the right lowers and the way it fit and carries you and your mood. Choosing colours is extremely important and you can try out a good range of colours before you finalize you closet. Of course along with crop tops it is essential to fill your closet with a variety of long and short skirts, pants, jeans and hobby pants. You can always switch from a working girl look of a top and a jeans to a casual palazzo to an ethnic look with a skirt. Equally important is to have a sense of boots, flip flops and stilettos to go with the event and the top you have in mind.


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