Top lip color trends of the year


Summer is here and it brought with it some bold new trends in lip color. While you, like many of us, have probably worn the same color for years, it’s time to consider a little change – the season’s trends are too exciting to resist! The following are the big trends for summer 2014 along with some tips and tricks about how, where and when to wear them.

Lip Color Trends

Bright Oranges

It’s not the matte orange of the 1970’s; it’s a more modern take on orange. And it’s hot right now from dark to light, matte to glass slick, there are many choices. As with any bold shade, there are a few things to remember. First, your lip color should complement your skin tone. Tangerine is a safe bet for any tone as is a sheer orange gloss, but not all orange shades work that way. Bright orange looks best on light skin with yellow undertones. If you’ve got a golden skin tone go for a neon orange, but be sure to add bronzer if your skin looks too washed out from it Porcelain skinned women should look for a pure or true orange (pull out your box of Crayolas) – bringing a pretty burst of color to an otherwise light complexion. Dark complexions look amazing with a red orange.

If you’re afraid about going too bold, orange is new to most of us after all, start with a light application using your fingers or an orange stain and test it out for a few days. Your local makeup spot will most likely give you a sample to bring home that you can try for a few days to see whether or not the look is something you love. With all lip colors heed the warning: if you are going bold with a full coverage lipstick, be sure to use lip pencil first to avoid anything less than a perfect outline!

Bold Reds

Reds are always in but the matte, classic red that’s been popular for a while is on its way out making way for a more soft finish (think suede or velvet). You can still have the classic shade but the lighter finish makes the color less assertive and more laid back. Fair complexions should think fruity – from cherry to cranberry, going with a cooler shade (blue-based) will play up pink tones in the skin. When wearing red or another bold color on a fair complexion it’s a good idea to go simple with all other makeup. Fair women can also go with a deeper, on-trend wine color, but should stick to blue-based cooler shades and avoiding anything warm like brown or brick. Medium complexions can go with an orange red or blackberry shade. Dark complexions are looking hot in tangerine, raspberry and maroon shades.


Pastels are hot right now, including lavenders and light pinks. This is another trend that takes a little getting used to so consult with your favorite beauty store staff person, your stylist or the best friend who tells you when it’s time to lay off the cookies before committing. From full coverage sticks to glossy pencils, there are many to choose from including the very hip pinkish lavender the runways have seen. As mentioned earlier, start light and test it out around the house if you’re not feeling it just yet. Change is scary, but you might just discover your brand new look. All of the seasons hot colors come in pastel versions and in a variety of finishes from matte to gloss so try out a few and see what works for you If your skin has yellow undertones try to find a yellow-based color instead of a blue-based one to avoid making your skin look sallow.


Purple power! Despite purple being seen in autumn and winter, its gracing lots of lips this summer in all kinds of fun shades for every complexion. Fair skinned women should avoid going too dark, it will come across as goth. Stick to lighter, pink purples or even bright purple and be sure to try pink-, blue- and yellow-based colors to see which complements your undertones best. For a medium complexion go for a yellow-based purple. For women with dark complexions, purple is the perfect shade and all colors look beautiful on dark skin from the lightest of lavenders to the darkest of plums.

Hot Pinks

Hot pinks are back, but not the Wet ‘n’ Wild shades of the 80’s. Again, it’s a modern, hip take on hot pink that is taking over summer lips. Cool, blue-based hot pinks suit fair women and those with yellow undertones the best. A hot pink with a coral look is best for medium and golden complexions (or women who wear bronzer). A blue-based hot pink will look best on women with dark complexions, especially those with red undertones.

Now that you know the shades of the season’s trends that will look best on you go forth and pick out a few to sample. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into something bold, your local drugstore is the place to go for sheer pencils and glosses in the season’s hottest colors that you can slick on your lips for a slight change without committing to anything too drastic.

The time to not test a new look? A second job interview (keep your makeup consistent), or a date. If you’re feeling self conscious about your new look it will show and you might be tempted to cover your mouth or wipe it off. Try new colors gradually in your house, on the weekend, or out on the town and soon you’ll find a bolder smile smiling back in the mirror!


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