Tips to get red carpet hair and makeup


Everybody wants to look like a celebrity with stylish hairdos and trendy makeup. Many of us take inspiration from the celebrities and try to look beautiful by experimenting with red carpet hair and makeup. Occasions such as office parties, weddings, anniversary or a special date, call for some special preparations do that you can sport a different look than the usual and get all the compliments! To help you get that perfect red carpet hair and makeup here are a few tips.

Get a dewy skin effect by applying Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation (choose the shade which suits your skin tone, at times you might have to blend two shades to get the one that suits you the best) with the help of a dampened makeup sponge. Make sure you apply the foundation evenly all over your face and neck.

A lot depends on your eye makeup. Use a damp brush to apply powder shadow. When the powder dries it will stick to the skin and not crease. You can brighten the look of your eyes by brushing the eye shadow along the lash line to the crease, then on the inner corners of the eyes. If you wish to have smoky eyes then you should first use black eyeliner to outline the lash line. Curl the eyelashes using a curler and apply three coats of mascara.

If you wish to stand out of the crowd choose a different shade of lipstick. Replace the bold red color with a dazzling red. Try the Dazzling plum of the sensational high shine lip color range of Maybelline or ColorSensational Lip Gloss in Raspberry Reflections of Maybelline.

Get some color on your cheeks by applying a little blush. A combination of the Visible Lift Blush in Nude Lift and Pink Lift by L’Oréal Paris can help you get a shade which is quite close to the natural blush.

To get a glam look dampen your hair and apply a hair mousse then blow dry it with the help of a 2 inch round brush. Next divide the hair and on the top part use roller to set it. Now divide the rest of the hair into two equal layers. Roll the bottom in one direction and the top in the opposite direction. Once you have removed the rollers use a boar bristle brush to get a levelled finish.

If you wish to wear your hair super straight like Gwyneth Paltrow then you need to first massage a little Couture Colour Pequi Oil and then blow dry your hair. Next use a flat iron to get the straight look. Be careful while using the flat iron. Do not set the temperature too high as you might end up burning your hair. Finish it by crunching a little Pequi Oil to add movement and texture to the hair.

Depending on the dress you pick use some of these red carpet hair and makeup tips to get that celebrity look. It is better to experiment a bit before you finalize your look. You never know you might figure out a combination which will make heads turn at the party!


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