Tips for your menstrual cycle


When a girl grows, she is yet considered to be a child for years until she gets her first periods. It is said that a girl transforms into a women when she has her periods.  It is the sign of the internal growth and that she will eventually be growing mentally as well as physically. It is said to be preparing a women to reproduce or have children and that she can be expecting in case of the sexual activity being undertaken. Usually girls get their first menstrual cycle at the average age of 12, or between 12 and 14. Their mothers give them all the guidelines regarding the cycle and as to how important that has become a part of her life.


The menstrual cycle occurs every month in case the girl or the women doesn’t get pregnant. And for her lifetime, she will be having such cycles every month for minimum of 3-5 days. The vagina bleeds the unwanted lining of the uterus. And while periods are on, there are certain mood swings and various changes in the bodies of the women and that the women go under low ability of thinking better.

During the menstrual cycle, there are various mood swings, one might be very happy a minute and very sad the next moment. The sulky mood can be changed into a swirling mood and you never know how why and what happens, it simply just happens. It is also because of the pain that they go through. Because of the internal body changes, the women do have pain in their lower abdomen while they are in periods. At times it is severe, while it is very minimal in the other cases. At times, the pain is so severe that pills are taking for killing the pain.

With time, women do get used to it and adapt the reality of it being in their lives for long. All that one should be doing while in periods is to make sure that their minds are calm and the mood swings are to be reduced. Make sure that you are healthy and hygienic with the sanitary napkins and their disposal. Certain foods and items should be avoided to have regular periods. The very first thing that comes in the list is the inclusion of the mega 3 fatty acids in your diet. It regulates your periods and give in proper flow. The white food should be avoided because it is something that has been processed for the color. For example, white flour, white bread, sugar, white potatoes should be avoided to have better periods. Make sure you drink ample of water to keep you hydrated throughout. For all the chocolate lovers, dark chocolates help in regulating the flow and cycle of the periods. And in case of the pain that one has during her periods, just keep a bag of hot water at the lower abdomen and it will give relief. Ensure that the body is relaxed for the four days and is not under heavy physical activity.


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