These home remedies will make you visit parlours often


Who doesn’t want to pamper themselves frequently with effective beauty treatments? But the chemical composition in the cosmetics these days are one of the critical things to look for. The usual face clean up requires us to visit parlor one in a week. This frequent use of chemical on the skin and that too of high costs is not what which will pamper us. So, here come some skin friendly(pocket-friendly too) home remedies to avoid going parlor frequent. And the natural composition will promise the most effective results which will be good for our skin.

For the face clean up

Start with cleaning your face with a cotton ball dipped in raw milk. For toning use, coconut water, rose water, cucumber juice or cooled green tea. If you have oily skin then use freshly squeezed ginger juice diluted with water will really help you. Moisturize using freshly squeezed Aloe Vera-gel.

Other remedies that you can do for specific effective areas and problems are additionally mentioned

face clean up

For exfoliating your skin

For scrubbing/exfoliating the simplest way is to use a mixture made of besan or gram flour and cool curd. Besan has excellent exfoliating qualities without being too harsh on the facial skin. Also, it is said to remove excess oils and reduce facial hair growth when used regularly.

The anti-aging face pack

The anti aging face pack is made of coffee granules and milk. This mixture has anti oxidant properties and removes tanning too.

For the blackheads

Take Aloe Vera gel and few salt granules and rub it softly around your blackheads. This will gently scrub out the black heads out from your skin. This will gradually slow down their occurrence.

To soothe the burnt skin

Applying a mix of cucumber juice and sandalwood powder is a natural way to cool skin burnt skin.

To massage the skin

To massage, the skin uses extra virgin olive oil instead of any massaging cream.

For those ugly acnes

By applying pure honey on moistened face will reduce the acne. Honey will release a gas called hydrogen peroxide that cleanses facial pores naturally and will bring all the debris and impurities to surface. Following this you can apply Multani mitti face pack, this will make your skin glow. Remember that the face pack should be washed away when semi dry.

To make the facial peel mask

Using a mixture of equal part of orange juice and pineapple juice as a face mask will be AHA facial peel to get rid of blemishes.

To moisten the chapped lips

For chapped lips, use ghee or butter as a base and sugar granules to exfoliate dry and chapped lips.

For the dark circles

Those eye areas with dark circles can be reduced by this simple application regularly. Grate half a potato and squeeze its juice and mix it with lemon juice. When applied to under eye area will reduce the dark circle areas below your eyes. Apart from this eat lots of fresh fruit and salads. Avoid junk food. Instead of consumption of caffeine sip through coconut water, green tea, ginger tea, and buttermilk.

The most important and easiest of them all, for flushing out the toxins out from your body, drink luke warm water with lemon juice and honey every day. This will be effective for your skin.


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