The way to cultivate bonding during kids parenting


What is your feeling about your Kids parenting? Can you call yourself a complete parent? Well, these are tough questions that requires sometime to figure out considering that no one is 100% in anything.  That’s right! All parents have always wanted to be the best ever and that’s why they can do anything to be very close to that mark. Do they really attain it? The answer is ‘yes” and ‘no”. These depend on the bonding between the parents and their kids. You can only have perfect kids parenting through being very close to your kids. Let’s look at the various ways through which you can cultivate this bonding;

The meal times are always the best especially the dinner. In order for the parents to be able to understand their kids and help them accordingly, they need some time together. The major kids parenting problem with many parents is basically lack of these precious moments. Most parents are usually preoccupied by their work up to dinner times. Its either they are late from work or they have carried their work home. No time for the kids and hence the children can only learn from the television. Such kids feel isolated and not loved.

Parents should therefore cultivate proper kids parenting by being available for the kids at least three times a week during meal times to ensure the bonding is cultivated. During such a time, the kids are the parents should communicate and exchange ideas on different aspects. Kids can talk of events that took place at school while parents can talk issues from their place of work. By so doing, a relationship is created that helps kids to open up and express themselves. This helps the parents to solve kids’ issues and understand what irritates or makes them happy. It build affection that kids require during growth and helps parents to mold their kids appropriately.

Bonding can also be created through games. We have different games that are appropriate for the whole family especially board games. Depending on the financial stability of the family, there is always a game for any category. It’s through such games that parents are able to learn the nature of their kids. It’s possible to know the reasoning of your kids through the moves taken during such games. You can also try the outdoor games that not only help your kids grow mentally and physically but also help in determining the health of your kids. This is the only way that your kids parenting can be complete.


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