The way of consuming and benefits of Green Tea


When people are getting conscious for their body postures and the regimes, they are adapting the better habits of drinking the green tea throughout the day or at least early mornings. Either green tea or the lemon water is very good for the health of the individual and that they help in losing those extra carbs from the bodies. The anti-oxidant quality of the green tea makes it beneficial even for the skin as it opens the pores of the skin and gives them better tone and texture. When you start consuming tea on regular basis, the change will be seen very soon and the same should be maintained for longer time.

While one starts consuming the green tea, most of them do complain about the taste of it and that it is not appealing to our tongues. It is very obvious that something which is good for the body and health, it might be somewhere out of the normal taste that we have. And maintaining the same routine having the green tea in our schedules is difficult. The habit has to be build and thereon maintained.


Green tea when consumed at least of 4-5 cups a day gives the best results.  Depending on the different choices of the people, it can be consumed in different ways as well. The simple and very basic form of making the green tea is to add the leaves to the boiling water, let it settle for 2 to 5 minutes, strain and simply consume. But as people do not like the basic taste of it, there are various variations that are being introduced which not only make it tastier but also maintain the basic quality of it.

While one doesn’t like to have the green tea in its basic form, simply add half a lemon and a spoon of honey and mix it well. The lemon, the honey, warm water and the green tea, all of the has the quality of making the skin better, bodies healthier and the that they are anti-oxidants as well as the agents that help in reducing those extra carbs from the body and when all the ingredients are mixed together in a drink, gives the best of the results.

If one doesn’t like even the green tea containing lemon and honey then it can be consumed even in the form of iced tea. Most of us do prefer having iced tea with their dinners and meals as a substitute to the cold drink. Therefore, a green iced tea would be a better option in case one doesn’t like the hot one.

The other forms of the green tea that can be consumed is in the forms of the smoothies and juice, milkshakes and water coolants. Mixing the green tea leaves along with the fruits or the flavored items and simply serve it along can be a good option. Such as a kiwi smoothie with green tea or like a rose water coolant with the green tea flavor, can be something that one can try with. Add in a little of the green tea leaves in the drinks that you have and you will have all that you need.


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