The universal solvent


Remember our chemistry classes? We used to have an entire chapter on water, its properties and its uses in almost each grade and were also introduced with its solubility properties during elementary school years. Okay, I am not giving a lecture on Chemistry 101, but this liquid called water is the most amazing solvent we can ever have. Remember Kareena Kapoor saying, “Bhot zor ki pyas lagi thi. Waise to soda bhi pyas bhuja sakta hai, but pani ka kaam pani hi karta hai”, when she manages to have an opportunity to catch her train again. She is actually saying the truth. We have many liquids at our disposal like tea, coffee, soup, juices, soft drinks and also liquor, but water is the only thing that can satiate our thirst and relieve us from the dire need to rehydrate immediately, at any point of time.


But, again why are we discussing all of this? The reason being human body consists of 70% of water. Thus, all the toxins, waste products, healthy products etc. lie inside the watery fluids of our body. In short all the good and the bad of the body and for the body lie in water/fluids only. Thus, it is essential to maintain the balance of water in the body. All the metabolic waste gets flushed out in the form of water only be it urine, sweat or tears. Even easy and effective passage of stool depends on the balance of body fluids and optimum amount of water inside our body. Water is also essential for our skin. As you know, skin has pores which can be seen under the microscope, and the optimum blood circulation and hydration (i.e., the water intake) keeps the skin healthy and radiant. It is equally important to keep the outside of the skin clean as it is important to hydrate it. Well hydrated skin not only maintains its glow and fairness (without beauty treatments and cosmetic surgeries), but also remains young for a longer period of time as it maintains the elasticity of the skin and prevents wrinkles.

Also, the continuous hydration helps remove the toxic by-products of the metabolic activities of the body, which otherwise get accumulated and form different compounds which are furthermore harmful for the functioning of the body like calculi which, in Layman’s terms are known as stones, in the gall bladder and kidney, acne on the face and other parts of the body like chest and the back etc. Also, to keep our hair healthy, it is advised to drink lots of water because the scalp is directly exposed to the atmosphere, just like the skin, and also have pores. Excessive sweating and low level of water recycling causes shrinking or rather, weakening of the pores and thus, weakening of the roots of the hair follicle. It may also cause excessive damage to the shoot of the follicle by causing dryness and thus excessive wear and tear, causing split ends, excessive hair loss, premature greying etc. So, it is good to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day, more would do, but the less would cause problems.


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