The Rein Coat, a dog’s best friend


As an owner of two beautiful and playful dogs I couldn’t say a single bad thing about the Rein Coat, I have a pretty anxious Pomeranian and a really hyperactive Belgian shepherd, who by the way, thinks about herself as a little puppy, which is obviously not true. The thing is that even though I really love both of my dogs, it was sometimes kind of hard to deal with them when I wanted to get them to the park or just for a little and quick ride in the backseat of my car, because of the temperament of my Pomeranian -Lia- the presence and energy of my Belgian Shepherd -Steph- would change the simple trip in a nightmare for me and sadly for them too.

I was talking one day to a friend and I told her everything about my dogs and my problems with them, I was impressed when she started smiling, I mean, why would she do that? But the answer was simple; she had the solution of my problems. She was the first person to recommend me The Rein Coat -because she was using it too- and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. It made everything so much easier.

First of all I entered to the website and I was pleased to know that it was so easy to see everything, from the products to testimonials, I had no trouble at all to find the perfect size for my two little furry friends and also the payment method was really simple too. Although, I have to admit, I was a little nervous about online shopping so I did a lot of research before buying the rein Coats, I watched a lot of videos in youtube, there was a specific one that I found really helpful, it was “Heather Rein Coat 8” and what I specifically like about the video is that I saw actual dogs wearing the coat, which is great because that way I knew that it was comfortable for my dogs to wear and you can see how the dogs in the video walk and play without showing any kind of discomfort, also I found it really informative because they mention the benefits of the coat such as windproof, waterproof and being washable and of course, the great help that represents when you are trying to calm down a dog with anxiety or with lots of energy, you just have to put the coat on and that’s it! Pretty amazing, am I right? Here is the video for your reference-

When my order arrived, I won’t deny it, I was so excited because of the product and the expectation of it finally being worn by my beautiful dogs and when they did, when they wore it I was so pleased with the results! They fit just perfectly and in the minute I put it on my hyperactive Steph, she just calm down and It was like magic, also both of them look very comfortable wearing it and now I can take them to the park and the car ride is so much easier, calm and happier, my little Pomeranian doesn’t suffers from anxiety anymore. I try to find the perfect words but all I can say is that i would recommend this rein coat to everyone with dogs also I have to say, they look cute on them.


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