The flowery show


Spring is here. So are the colours. All the wintery, cold roads, gardens and pavements are full of lively colours of different hues. They fill a beautiful, inspiring and gay feelings amongst us. What if these colours are adorned by us? This article brings out exactly the hues the women would like in their lives. How would it be to incorporate these hues in our wardrobes, to make our daily wear even more exciting?


 The pretty floral prints can be accommodated in all sorts of dresses, be it skirts, shirts, tunics, maxis, suits, saris, jeans, jackets… woah, such an exhaustive list!!


The graceful print not only elegantly brings forth your feminine side, but it also looks good irrespective of the size adorning it. In other words, you don’t have to worry about you being heavy or petite, you will undoubtedly look good and elegant in this retro style. And the biggest plus point, it always looks bright and makes you feel as well as appear fresh as a daisy. Wow, another flower metaphor!



It is quite easy to accessorise your attire if your dress has floral print. Just keep your additions light. With a floral tunic, keep your accessories neutral. In other words, don’t splurge on the articles that gives an overdone look and surpasses the look of your dress. A complimentary and comfortable pair of sandals would do wonders. Like for instance, a floral kurta can be teamed up with an equally bright legging or a jegging and a pair of either juttis or a pair of flippers. Further, the look can be enhanced with a plain chunari and a pair of simple studs or a pair big balis. Even a plain salwar-kameez or a plain kurta-leggings look can be lifted up with a bright floral dupatta.

This look can be sharpened if you are worried about how it can be worn to a more formal place like offices etc. Simple! Wear a denim jacket or a blazer of a solid colour like black, blue, nude shade, brown etc. complementing your as well as your dress’s colour.

However, keep following tips in mind while choosing and accessorizing your floral attire:

  • Use floral prints to accentuate your figure.
  • Floral prints are not suited for making exceptionally short skirts or low neck tops.
  • Floral prints tend to draw attention and you will be drawing attention to the wrong places if you do so.
  • A smart a line frock with a little bit of deep neck can make you look gorgeous. You can even consider going backless with this kind of a frock.
  • If you are planning to get something stitched using floral prints, do not add lace and crochet to it. Both are delicate materials and they do not go with each other. Lace looks best on plain background.

What is most important is feel proud in what you are and what you wear. Show your best side to the world with your confidence. After all confidence is the real accessory without which you shouldn’t leave your home!


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