The 5 Laws of Wearing Perfume


Can you remember how many times you sit next to someone and they are wearing very strong cologne and it ends up making you uncomfortable? Have you ever thought what others think of your perfume? Sometimes it’s so hard to choose a perfume for yourself that you end up mixing two or three different scents and the results are never satisfying. One thing that’s for sure is your scent is very vital in defining you as a person and just one mistake and everything else will go wrong. That is why you need to read the five most important rules appertaining to perfumes.

Wear what you love

Did you know you could actually tell someone’s character and even the things she likes from her scent? This is true and what it means is you need to wear perfumes that make you feel comfortable and happy. In order for you to select the right fragrance for you, you need to first know your own personality and clearly know your likes and dislikes. For example you can analyse yourself through simple questions such as; Do you prefer things sweet and floral? Or spicy and dark? Or fresh and clean? You don’t have to wear a perfume just because it was a gift, but instead wear it because it makes you have a smile on your face. You will find it more enjoyable if you wear scents that turn you on.

Date before you commit by sampling first

Just because a perfume smelled well on someone else does not necessarily mean that it will have the same impact on you. For perfume to smell good on you it needs to agree with your body chemistry. Everyone’s body chemistry is unique and hence the difference in response to different scents. In order to tell how your body chemistry will work with a scent, then it’s best if you applied a little on your skin and leave it for twenty minutes or more just to test its reaction with your body chemistry. Then if it can make you smile then it’s good for you.


Don’t spray perfume in your hair

It is true that hair holds on to scent more than our skin can and most people end up spraying perfume to their hair. However this is not good for your hair since perfume has a lot of alcohol that dries your hair and can lead to damaging it. If you want your hairs smelling like your perfume, then get a hair shampoo and conditioner with a similar scent. However, if you only have the perfume, then you can spray a little on your hands, do a clap to reduce the amount of alcohol and then you can run your fingers all the way through your hair.

Layer it

There is a way that you can have your perfume scent linger on you all day long. This can be achieved through layering. Layering involves using a body wash while showering, use of body oil or lotion to moisturise, apply pure oil on pulse areas and finally spray your perfume.

The 5 Laws of Wearing Perfume

Change it up

Whether you are the type of person who likes having a signature scent or the type that likes to have a variety of scents, its best to wear a fragrance based on your moment’s experience or even mood. Experts suggest that it becomes interesting to wear perfumes when you alternate them. You can try wearing light fragrances during the day and dark spicy ones at night. You can also do different scents on different seasons and so on.

Now you have the knowledge and remember knowledge is power, so go ahead and use your perfume wisely. Till next time keep rocking it!


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