Tanning is the new thing!


All of us are always conscious about our skin color and that they are being represented in different ways in different countries. The brown color in India is taken as a color itself but talking about US or UK, it is taken as the connotative meaning, saying about the skin color. The brown skin color was not being accepted in those countries earlier, but with time and advancement in the thinking patterns, it is being taken as normal and that even they rush for the sun bathing to have that golden glowing skin tone.

The new thing that has been on the minds of the people across the globe is tanning their skin tone and has the little of the golden shade all over them. The Americans and the Europeans especially prefer having long sun bathing times to have the effect over them. The beaches get full of the tourists and with their bathing seats at various corners of the world.


It is said that one of the famous designers, Coco Channel is known for introducing or rather popularizing the concept of the tanning as she had been suntanned from a trip having the bronze golden glow all over the body, and this happened nearly in the 1920s. And since then, the trend is going on. Everyone rushes to have that same shade of the body and the glowing skin.

Now with the advancement of time and technology and inventions, there are also products that help in having the sun tanned shade of skin color and that you really need not stay at the beach for hours and have that heating bath. Although, they are not natural the creams of such kind are do recommended and not that the sunless tanning sprays.

There are also some of the food products that you can involve them in your diet regime which will give you the same color and glow to the skin. Fruits and vegetables having the content called carotenoids and Vitamin A gives you the same effect of having the tanned skin and color. Like carrots, tomatoes, and the dark green colored vegetables as well contain the carotenoids. They have the ability to protect us from the damaging effects of the UV rays and that they allow the maintenance of the melanin, a skin color pigment present in our bodies.

Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior, found in a research that the consumption of the fruits and the vegetables like carrots and tomatoes that have more of carotenoids is actually beneficial for a healthy tan and that it doesn’t even harm the internal chemical substances of our body systems. And the orange glow that these vegetables give is perceived as a healthy and glowing skin tone which is liked by everyone and all.

Ultimately, it states that one doesn’t need to sit under the sun at the beaches or the terraces for hours or even use those sunless tanning creams and sprays to have the tanning texture and shade of the skin, all you need to do is get the fruits and the vegetables in your refrigerator and have them regularly.


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