Taking breaks in your 9 to 5 jobs


Although India is moving towards modernization and that liberalization has taken its place in the country, the traditional methods still are intact in the major chunk of the country. The country is having the creative job lines and that there is a percentage of the population who are involved in their own private business houses, production houses, media lines and other non-clerical/ non 9 to 5 jobs. The young India is not interested in working like robots and rather uses their brains and knowledge for doing something different than the usual.

While the ones who are involved in the jobs that involve the desk and the computers in front of them, it becomes difficult to remain in the same box for almost the whole of the day and be not tired. Sitting in a certain position for longer period of hours can jam your body and the muscles and other bodily systems. The body and the brains get in to the routine to settle in the same position and with time they get used to it.


But with time, it does happen that the  when you stick to the same sitting positions or various other routine positions, your body gets jammed and it becomes difficult to make it flexible and in case you do not exercise regularly, it becomes more difficult to mold your body. The muscles and the body is being turned into a routine and therefore, it needs the same on regular basis.

For the reason to loosen your body, one needs to take 5 minute breaks regularly. This enables the flow of the blood to be freed and reach to the various corners of the body. And thus, the body is enabled to move in various directions. The jammed body also doesn’t allow you to think properly and that the creative zone of your mind gets activated. Not only just the creative zone but overall you get freshened up and allows you to work in better ways.

While you are working, the schedules are very tight and that you are required to be at your place almost all the times. And while you work, ensure that you take breaks of minimum of 2-3 minutes every 2 hours to loosen your legs, brains and the body overall. Take loo breaks, or just get up at your place, stretch your hands and legs and take a walk round the office. Have a cup of coffee or tea, whatever that lifts up your mood; take laughter breaks and just chill with the environment. Ensure that the mood is lighted up and then you will be able to work in better ways.

When you are fresh and able to make up the work life a better way of living, you will eventually like the routine 9 to 5 job as well and will be able to give in your 100 percent. Eventually you will be happy with your work and so will your boss as well.


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