Tailor made clothing online- Looks attractive!!


Shopping is always fun for women. Most of the women reading this post must agree that we all can defiantly do hours of shopping and will never get bored or tired. We love it 😉 . With online shopping sites now it has become much easier for everyone to do comparisons, choose the right dress,  see endless items and do all the calculations they want. But same does not apply to men; i have felt that the preferences and requirements differ to men all together.  There are people who still want to get it tailor made and do the styling as per their requirements. I know that most of the websites are providing free exchange and return facilities but still there are people who go out and get it tailor made.

I was going though some news sites and found an interesting release talking about tailor made dress for men.  This really grabbed my attention and i started searching for some websites which are providing such facilities. To my surprise, there are services available for tailor made shopping. The idea and the process is a bit complex and there seems to be only a small number of players with this unique offering but it looks very promising to me.  The website tailorman.com really grabbed my attention, with such a huge collection for men items; it is going to be the next big thing for sure. The best part of shopping here is, you choose the fabric, pay online, the master tailor comes to your home, takes measurement and the product is delivered.

tailor made dress

A man’s suit designed and made to measure allows its wearer to have a unique garment that fits perfectly to his size, exalting in the best way possible, given the careful study that tailors experts perform so as to develop a suit that enhances qualities and hide the flaws of the person. All this takes time and care, in addition to a particular skill increased by a consistent experience. That is why the dresses designed and custom made by tailors for men have a high value. Give it an air of impeccable, elegant and refined to its wearer. Let us go with the process of how it overall functions-

Select your Style

Choose from a vast selection of suits, jackets, pants, shirts, waistcoats and accessories to complement your preference. They update its classic and edgy collections on a regular basis, so your wardrobe is ready for every event!


You can buy the recommended styles which have been put together by their expert advisors or you are free to customize as per your styling preference.

Walk along with Tailorman, Online or at our Experience Store, as they help you select unique features of your garment such as the shirt collar-cuff or the suit collar lapel or Waistcoats Online. Add fun or classical elements to your jacket lining and Melton among others. We will also embroider your initials or a short message to make it truly special. All this for no additional cost!

You can choose from their easy standard sizes or get a Made to Measure garment to fit you perfectly. To create a great fitting custom garment, they only ask you to input a few basic measurements using their easy to follow picture guides. It takes less than 15 minutes in the comfort of your home or office!

You just need a friend or spouse to help you, or if you prefer, print our guide and take it to your local tailor. Don’t have a measuring tape? We will send you one for free.

You can also visit their store and their tailors will gladly take your measurements.  If you are looking for personalized bespoke service then they also offer a bespoke visiting service for individuals. For the ultimate in convenience, ask for the master tailor to measure you in the comfort of your home or office. As a Special Launch Offer, they are providing a waiver on fee of Rs. 2000 for this service – get pampered!

There are offering available for corporate and wedding groups, you may also schedule an appointment for our master tailor to visit you.

Overall the services look very attractive and i have seen their collection, you are going to say wow!


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