Styling tips for skinny girls out there


If your style goes wrong and make you look skinnier than you are, then these easy tips are for you. Pick the right style to add illusions of not being skinny. So, use these tips to style yourself everyday.

Choose dresses and tops having volume

Yup, you need to know where to add these illusions of curves like between your waist or bust or hips. Waist dress, peplum style, baby-doll style clothes etc. will do that for you.


Draw that attention away

Invest in bright shoes or trousers. Hide it pairing a long sleeve top with a bomber jacket. Just shift that attention to what you got.

Layering the clothes

It’s one of the ways to create dimension around the bust area. Play with all details, layers, prints and colours but remember don’t exaggerate.

Go for the boot cut style trousers

Yeah although they seems a bit outdated, but they will give an extra shape to your body and dimension. Avoid super snug styles like jegging jeans or extra fitted pants. They can just make u look skinnier.

Avoid wide legs shorts and palazzo

Don’t let those legs lost in those wider shorts or palazzos. Choose things which are about 4 inches wider for your legs. A lot of women think baggy clothing is good for hiding the fact that they are thin, but actually it will tell how skinny you are.

Try clothes which are round from your waist down

A low rise is ideal to create that curvy silhouette. If you want wear any mini piece then bubble skirt or A-line skirt are good options.


Don’t be shy of wearing bright colours

Bright, light like vibrant and pastels are great to create volume. Ladies! Dare to wear red or yellow if you have the right colouring.

Choose the heavy prints

Heavy prints give that illusion of fullness. Remember, avoid vertical lines and opt for horizontal or diagonal strips.

Belts will add shape

Both thick and skinny belts paired over a floaty dress or top will add shape to your outfit and will give volume to that tiny waist.

Wear scarves

Wearing scarf will completely change your look. Especially for those with thin, long neck, scarves and shawls suit the best because they’ll add the volume.

Add up those accessories

Necklaces can add weight and dimension to your thin, long neck. Pick those big, beaded necklaces and combine with round neckline to achieve much fuller neck. Wooden or metal bangles will be the major attention grabbers.

Be confident

And the most important tip is to be confident of what you are. Just wear that confidence and rock the world out there ladies!


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