Who doesn’t just love a worn-in, slightly faded t-shirt? From ones with funny catchphrases or pictures, to those that act as souvenirs from memorable nights, tees are a great way to make a statement about yourself. You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that a t-shirt is a closet essential. But if this basic is best being used as your workout tee or as the go-to on a lazy Sunday, you might need this article to stage a little wardrobe resuscitation. The fact is your white tee may just be the most overlooked item in your closet with the most potential for outfit versatility. So bring on all these assets out, be it boyfriend t-shirts, statement t-shirts or your regular polo a swirl of fashion and become a chic while making some style statement with the following tips:


  • Add a Cute Jacket. One of the most basic ways to spruce up a t-shirt is by pairing it with a cute structured jacket or a cardigan, as opposed to a frumpy hoodie.
  • Statement Necklace. There is nothing better than adding some statement bling to your statement t-shirt. Definitely a different way to wear a statement shirt!
  • A basic boyfriend t-shirt, scoop neck, V-cut, or around the neck, with or without graphic message can act like a perfect office blouse. It will look amazing tucked in a pencil skirt, office pants, with heels and a blazer on top. A statement necklace can add the right amount of femininity alongside a dash of lipstick and coloured nails.
  • Add the height. A boyfriend tee can be the perfect balance piece in a super glamorous outfit: stiletto heels, bold lips, big hair, shorts, skinny jeans, mini dress.
  • Full skirts will be trending this spring, so ditch the plain tops and pair it with a statement t-shirt. Pair this look with wedges — stilettos can look strange with something as casual as a graphic tee — and finish the look with a quirky fedora and statement ring.
  • Go for an Androgynous Look. The relaxed look and feel of your favourite tee will look great with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a few deliberately placed menswear accessories. Experiment with beanies, classic leather belts, different pairs of casual shoes, and menswear timepieces. You’ll look casual and comfy, but not sloppy.
  • As the warm weather looms in, or if you travel somewhere warm, be sure to always pack a statement t-shirt. They look awesome when styled with shorts. Small details, like adding a ring, fishtail braiding your hair instead of throwing it into a sloppy ponytail, and wearing gladiator sandals instead of flip flops can make all the difference in how you look and feel.
  • Oversized everything. Think hobo-chic, because it is chic. Oversized denim shorts, or jeans can look amazing with an even bigger sized t-shirt.
  • Another different way to wear a statement t-shirt is with a vest. Finish off the outfit with a bold pair of shoes, eye-catching earrings, and a tough-looking bracelet.

So go out and make your chic statement!


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