Sports Injury


Sports injuries are those injuries which you get while doing athletic activities. Being athletic is good, if done correctly. However, you sometimes can injure yourself by applying too much force on specific parts of the body.

Cause of sports injuries:
Sports injuries are a result of:
1. Using poor technique while playing.
2. Not warming up enough before playing.
3. Not taking safety measures while playing your sport.
4. By pushing yourself to the extreme while playing which puts tremendous pressure on your body.

Sports InjurySports injuries can be very painful and can become a serious threat to your body if you do not pay attention to your injury.

Symptoms of sports injury:

I am going to list some of the common symptoms you will face if you have a sports injury. However, depending on the nature of the sport you are playing, the gravity of the injury will be different.

1. Sprain :
Sprain occurs when the ligaments of your body are torn or stretched. When you get a sprain in some part of the body, there is acute pain for some days. Other symptoms include redness, swelling and restricted movement of that part of your body.

2. Muscle Strain :

A muscle strain occurs when the muscle tissues are torn or stretched. It is most commonly referred to as “pulling a muscle”. The symptoms include, acute pain, spasm and low muscle strength in the affected area.

3. Tennis Elbow :

It is a painful condition which has a direct affect on the elbow. It occurs when there is too much pressure put on your forearms. Symptoms include swelling, tenderness and acute pain when turning the elbow.

4. Other symptoms:

Some of the other common symptoms of sports injury include heel pain, head ache, blisters, knee pain, cuts and bruises.

Cure for sport injuries :

If the injury you have faced does not need medical attention, for example, a slight strain or sprain or minor ligament damage, you can easily treat those injuries with RICE Therapy! It stands for:

Rest : Stop gymming and take a break from your daily sports activities. Don’t apply pressure on the affected area.

Ice: Put an ice pack on the injury continuously for 20 minutes.

Compression : Use bandages to reduce the swelling.

Elevation : Raise the affected area like knee, legs or arms above heart level to reduce the swelling.

Even after 48 hours of RICE Therapy doesn’t help you with your injury then proper medical attention is required. Some of them include:

1. Physiotherapy:

This includes various exercises to enhance the motion and heal the injured areas. These are special exercises which are need to be done under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

2. Massage:

Some therapists believe that massage is an effective way to speed up the recovering process. Massage increases the flow of blood to the injured part of your body which helps to repair damaged tissues.

3. Rehabilitation:

This is the most important way of treating injuries. This programme helps the injured part of your body to function normally by slowly introducing it to exercise and slight movements.

Preventing sports injuries:

When you are out playing any kind of sports, it’s really important that you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself from getting injured. Make sure you are wearing your safety gears like mouth guards, helmets, goggles, knee caps etc while your playing. The sports gear which you are using should fit you properly because improperly worn sports gear is really dangerous. Before playing any sports, make sure your body is up for it. Undergo physical checkups to check if you are physically fit to participate in that sport. Undergoing this check up will also enable you to work on your weakness as well.

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