Some wedding tips


Wedding season. A lot of hustle bustle everywhere. Thousands of preparation. Selection and rejection of venues, food and who can forget the dresses. The biggest craze lies with selection of dresses by everyone in the family on both the sides of the marriage party. Countless functions, especially in Hindu customs, and each time you have to look bang on, after all, it’s YOUR big day. That clearly means that you need to look the best! So the biggest and foremost suggestion for your big day is- plan the outfits much in advance so that you can inform everyone else (sisters, cousins) about the shade that you’d be wearing so that no one else wears a similar colour combination. Of course we remember our very own Alia Bhatt making it very clear to her father, “Main shaadi karungi to Kareena wala designer lehenga pehen ke karungi, nahin to dulhe ko tata bye-bye keh do” (I’l get married in a designer lehenga worn by Kareena, otherwise do away with this marriage!). This shows brides these days are clear with what they want. They know their Sabya from their Malhotra and will not settle for anything other than the best! Gone are the days when groom’s family used to carry a traditional familial lehenga for the bride, to be worn on the day of marriage, which had been worn by his great-great-great grandmother or so and had been handed down generation after generation.

Since, marriage function in itself are numerous and you can’t just practically do every function in a single dress. Every ritual and function requires a completely different set of dresses, make-up etc. Thus, it is not rocket science to guess that designer lehenga is another big blow on the pocket of the organisers. So before you go on the shopping spree understand a few things:


  • Understand the body shape – heavy bottom, heavy top, hour glass shape, slim or heavy from all sides shape.
  • Determine the skin tone – very fair, fair, dusky with olive undertones or dark skinned.

The next step would be to fix your budget. If on a tight budget, show up some creativity and dig some designs from magazines and hunt for a skilful tailor and get something similar stitched to perfection. Decide the colour you’d like to wear and finally choose the fabric that you feel will look best on your body structure. Brides look gorgeous in georgette, silk, chiffon and brocade. And voila change your look to your self-made designer dress for your own wedding.

Only your lehenga won’t give you a completely different look. Pay equal attention to your hairstyle. If you have certain apprehension of the hairstyle suggested by the hairstylist, don’t feel shy in letting him/her know because most brides don’t really take a pallu on their head now. Also, if you feel the makeup looks too heavy, inform the makeup artist. . After all you are the one who’s getting married. Don’t just go in for physical appearance, take care of your body too. Take care of your feet much before the wedding and stay away from heels as much as you can prior to the functions. In case you have to dance, carry a pair of flats so that you don’t land up with a sprain and have fun too! At the time of the reception, you’ll be standing for a minimum of 3 hours! Swap the stilettos for flats in between for at least 30 mins to give some relief to your feet. No one will notice since the feet will be covered by the length of the lehenga or sari.

So girls gear up with confidence and make your wedding one of the happiest moments of the beginning of new life.


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