Some tips that will help keep your feet healthy, soft and look great at any time


The feet are pretty important at any age. But the regular foot care occupies a second position relative to other beauty treatments. The foot care can be simple, easy and also relaxing. We’ll tell you procedures for foot care that matter most and at what time of life … And introduce you to some tips that will help keep your feet healthy, soft and look great!

Fashion and trends are of course fun, but refrain from buying cheap shoes. You can easily ruin your feet because of synthetic materials, as they will not allow your feet to breathe, can cause pressure, pain and smell because the material expands, design issues etc.

A scrub for smooth feet

To soften your feet smooth, it’s easy:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil or almond oil with salt in sufficient quantity to make you a scrub.
  • Exfoliate your feet with this mixture at bedtime.
  • Rub your feet with moisturizing cream.
  • Put on cotton socks and keep them overnight. The next morning you will have very soft feet.

Shower to refresh tired feet

Your feet are tired and congested? Here are two recipes that will restore their spring!

  • Fill lavender oil halfway up a basin of hot water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon salt and 1 teaspoon of essential oil.
  • Dip your feet in the tub for 15 minutes, and then dry thoroughly.
  • To bleach, fill halfway up a basin of warm water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of bleach diluted and 1 tablespoon salt soup.
  • Soak your feet in the tub for ten minutes, and then wash with cold water and soap.
  • Finally, wipe your feet and massage them with a moisturizer.

Sweaty Summer Feet

The odor of the feet is an obsession for a lot of people and a majority suffers the consequences. If you also have to stop breathing while removing your shoes, then it is time to take things into control and follow our tips stop odor from your feet.

How do they become dry feet?

Before turning specifically to care, it is necessary to understand the causes of drought in the feet. Several reasons are often put forward:

  • High temperatures, preventing partial hydration of the foot
  • The baths or showers too large proportions
  • Diseases such as diabetes
  • Age, with which the foot has decreased hydration

Tips to stop bad foot odor

  • Keep a perfect hygiene of your feet. Wash it daily with an antibacterial soap and a little hot water. Make sure that they are perfectly dry before putting on your socks or shoes
  • Wear cotton socks rather than synthetic socks that are a reason of sweating. This is also the case for tight shows.
  • Regularly change your shoes! This is very important; avoid wearing same pair for several days.
  • Choose well-ventilated shoes. Also avoid synthetic soles. And always store your shoes with moisture-absorbing sachets pt into it.
  • Specific deodorants are now available and allow you to basically stop sweating in the feet.
  • Treatments such as iontophoresis can stop sweaty feet for the most extreme cases.

A healthy feet, socks and shoes quality and some good old herbal remedies like bicarbonate or alum stone finally helps you forget all the bad smells!


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    Nice post.. Our Foot is prone to many problems like plantar warts, heel pain, toe nail pain etc. Taking care of foot regularly is essential to prevent this from happening. One must be always aware of complications related to it.

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