Sleep early, wake up early


The lifecycles of the people have changed vastly and that none of us are even worried to change to the normal being and wish to live the way we are. The changes in the routines of the people are vast from one to another. One might wake up early morning and live a disciplines life whereas the other might be someone who goes to sleep early morning or late nights and wake up late mornings or afternoons. The routines are different, the choices differ and so does their lives. One is not bothered about the other and believes in living their own.

Traditionally, people had been living the normal routine of sleeping early at nights and waking up with the sun rise. It is ideally said that it is good if you wake up within the next hour of the sun rise. And people did even believe and lived such routines. It seemed that they had better days, relaxed and fresh enough throughout the day. When you wake up early mornings, you tend to be fresh throughout the day and it is believed that the energy from the sun is being absorbed in our bodies which are a good sign.

On the other hand, people today, especially the teenagers and the few of the night shift workers, go off to sleep early mornings or late at nights and wake up late mornings or after noon. Their sleep cycles are disturbed and that their body systems as well. Initially it becomes difficult for them to set the new routine but with time they start liking it. Youngsters today believe that they enjoy more late at nights, going out and chilling with friends, passing off their time in the laptops and mobile phones and the privacy and the silence that they have during nights is more appealing.


Although the change has occurred, but in the researches and the studies, it is being proved that sleeping late at nights and not having proper sleep cycles affects the brains of an individual and the capacity of one reduces with time. And because of the same reason, it is seen that there are many diseases and problems occurring in the people of today’s generation. Their bodies are ideally not able to adapt the changed schedules and rather are forced to do so.

Ideally, the routines should be maintained for one’s health and hygiene. It is very much recommended to change the late night shifts or routines and start with the early morning days as it is better for the health and that it even maintains one with the flow of others. It is really important for one to maintain the health and go with the flow of the life. A little change does affect the overall system of the body which thereby affects the individual as well. Therefore, checking the flaws and the benefits of the proper cycle and schedule, one should stick to the cycle that they are comfortable with, preferably the sleeping early and waking up early.


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