Skirts, though apparently an extremely modern fashion apparel, have been used since the Middle ages among women. This unique yet trendy piece of clothing has found acceptance and gained popularity all over the world. The skirts make an appearance almost every fashion season and each time with a new style. As they say, everything that’s ever old becomes new again only in fashion and there’s no denying that! The limits, after all lies only in the designer’s imagination. This piece of clothing enhances and captures the feminine beauty like nothing else. From casuals to formals, from a date to a brunch, skirts will save your day. One of the new trends in fashion are the multi layered tulle skirts and consumers are seeking this skirt in all colours of the rainbow. But of course the classic black and whites always takes the cake. Maxi and slit skirts are the favourites this seasons and women are banking on them.  The maxis are not new but they never seem to go out of fashion.


These floor long skirts can be paired up perfectly with crop tops. They look best in super fluid fabrics and prints. Moreover, if one wants to put on a retro look, a bit of flare or A-line Midi skirt would be just perfect! One is even good to go if it’s a Midi length pleated skirt or a ‘suede’ or a see-through. Printed Skirts are a major attraction as well with Florals being in. Even psychedelic, graphic style prints in muted or bright shades are as good, whatever floats your boat. Of the one’s in fashion, one of the sexiest and effortless is probably the Slit Skirt. Be it a tiny slit on the side, In the middle of the skirt or a uber-hot feminine high Slit on the side, it would quickly catch everyone’s eye and can easily make anyone in the party envious of you. This kind is probably the best combination of retro and modern in the same package. The other kind that is as sexy and charming as the other ones is the fluid skirt with elegant pleats. These are best paired up with formal shirts and gives you that fresh morning look and you’re set for an outdoor meeting! Miniskirts has been in and will always be In once temperatures begin to soar and almost every woman and girl will be wearing them on weekends and holidays regardless of trends. This makes it quite a staple. Cut and fabric wise, Leather mini-skirts are still in. Even A-line cuts, flowy fluid floral print mini styles look great with back tees. Denim Skirts are the other ones which have an everlasting appeal. It dates back to the 70s and is equally in fashion worldwide till date. It easily gives you a chic and elegant look with those side pockets or front buttons on it. So now that you’re all up to date with what’s in and what’s out, make sure to stock up on the best out there.


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