Six Tips to Perfect the No Make-up Look


Make-up is not meant to be noticed on the face, I believe so. It is only there to enhance whatever we have and create an illusion as we wish, if you may. A fresh face especially in the spring and summer months would not hurt, right? So slough off your thick make-up and dark lips from the winter and welcome the pinks and the oranges.

I will start the tips and tricks with the major make-up we are going to need: blush, eye liner, eyebrow gel/ liner, concealer/ highlight, foundation and lip colour. The general rule will always be: less is more.


This is the only make-up that does not look like make-up. Never forget the pinkest of the blushes to put on your cheeks; applies to every skin colour. Reminder, be careful where you put this. The wrong place may just make you like an old lady with the saggy cheeks. Do not smile while putting it on, since when you no longer smile, the blush tends to go down in your face. Especially, if you do have high cheek bones put it on the sides of the face and just right on half of the cheek bones never crossing the border mid-eye and below the lower end of the nose. Blend, blend, and blend. This should not be just a stripe of colour on your face. This applies for everyone.

Eye liner

Tight lining your upper lids is a bit of a struggle during the earlier practice of make-up but it will help a lot in achieving a fuller, wide awake eye look. In this case, you do not have to tight line the rest of the eye lid. Just line the outer half of the eye lid to make it look bigger or if you find this difficult, keep cotton buds handy. Again, this should apply for all eye shapes. A teeny tiny wing at the end will also help but not necessary if you are not comfortable with slightest of winged eyes. Also, to make this natural looking as possible, use brown or rather lighter shades of brown mostly the colour you use for your eyebrows to keep the coherence in colours within your face.

Eyebrow gel/ liner

Whatever is available on your dresser for your eyebrows will be fine. Don’t stress or make this an excuse, on buying new cosmetics you do not direly need! Overly defined eyebrows are not my cup of tea when talking about no make-up make-up looks. It defies the point of the look. Instead, make you eyebrows as natural looking as possible. Eyebrow gel is like mascara for eyebrows; this does not put on extreme lines but keeps the stray hairs at bay and gives out colour to enhance the borders. I say skip the concealer and highlight below the eyebrow to give a light glow to the face.

Concealer/ Highlight

For those needing little skin touch-ups on blemishes, opt for a cream concealer as it is easier to blend and quick to fix compared to liquid consistency concealers. Stick to the shade nearest your skin tone than having to cover it up with foundation later on. If you could get away without foundation, better. If you feel that you do not need a lot of concealing, it is also okay to let a little of those blemishes show through to make the look natural. No one is perfect anyway; even seemingly perfect celebrities have blemishes literally and figuratively. And to stray away the attention to blemishes, use highlighters instead to achieve the natural glow. Apply in the high points of the face: nose line, above cheek bones, below brows and the cupid’s bow. You may opt to use a white highlighter or yellow-based tone depending on your skin tone.



Liquid, cream, powder or air brush would suit fine. However, if you only need to reduce minimal discoloration and to mattify the face, I suggest powder foundations only. For the need of more coverage, matte finish is better since the season will make you either all sweaty or oily within the day. Also, foundation applicators will create different finishes; I prefer sponge applicators for this make-up look. If for some reason, you can get away without foundation, do so! You may actually skip foundation altogether as long as you have all those mentioned above, the least of concern in a fresh face are the blemishes. Just make sure you still moisturize, apply sunscreen and setting powder.

Lip colour

The best nude pink/ orange lip colour suits this look. If you find it hard to actually know the difference or which suits you, get this: the lip colour closest to your natural lip colour will be your best nude lip. So get around the stores and compare your own lips. For those with non-pigmented lips or with just one lip colour all throughout their lips will not need any lipstick instead, you may work with lip glosses or balms whichever you feel comfortable applying. Lip gloss will create a fuller plump lip while lip balms will make the look like you just woke up from bed.

Good luck and make sure to try this look! It’s worth it especially for those always on the go but need some colour in their everyday make-up.


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