Shying away from fashion trends – the new “Normcore” bandwagon


Ok ladies, admit it!!!There are times when you just want to break free from everything around you, and just be yourselves. Haven’t you secretly harnessed a need not to please anyone and be comfortable in your own skin? I am sure you have. The only difference being that earlier if you rebelled against fashion trends, you would be labelled as ‘Plain Jane’ or ‘Nerdy Chick’. Well not anymore! Now the moment you wear your regular clothes confidently and comfortably, you become part of the non-trend followers – The Normcore Group.

Exhausted of keeping track of the ever changing style trends or buying stuff which lasts only till the next fashion event? Congratulations!!! You can now successfully be a part of the Normcore moment which is here to stay for long and probably till the human race exists 😉 So what is this buzz word which has raided the fashion lexicon? Simply put, “Normcore” is defined as dressing in bland, anti style, utterly conventional and nondescript way. And hey, let me whisper a sweet nothing in your ears – “Normcore rubbishes the art of carefully selecting unique merchandise and encourages you to just hit the streets in your cool regular jeans, sweat shirts and sneakers” Happy? I can already see a big grin on your faces. 🙂Picture1

This non-trend has become all the rage and talk of the town among fashion circles of New York and Paris with extended discussion on style blogs. It rejects fashion and uniqueness to glorify the coolness of looking the same. Girls, remember this cool pic from our Friends days in 90s? It perfectly illustrates what the Normcore thing is all about. Wearing those hideous six pockets or baggy high waist jeans is super cool in the Normcore land. What’s more, even the royalty doesn’t shy away from dressing down in the usual “mix with the crowd” look. See our favourite Kate Middleton in the inset picture representing the ultimate duchess of normal.  Picture3

Confused? Whether to follow it or not? You can safely drop the fear of being ostracized from fashion circuit as you can pull away with anything under the Normcore umbrella. Actually it’s a win-win situation. Only a bit too simplistic for us to accept as we have been always nourished to experiment with high street complex looks. Stand up, open your closet and just scout those flip-flop slippers, ripped shorts, denim skirts polo necks t-shirts, khakis, sweatshirts, trainers and any such piece of clothing which you feel is run-off-the-mill. Wear it and walk with the swagger of your favourite divas – Being dressed as Rihanna or Scarlett Johanson was never so easy. Check them out enjoying a break from usual gowns and preppy style dressy outfits.

Picture4Aren’t you excited that finally there is something that will save you from the grave danger of running out of trends? And I don’t need to touch the money topic here as this a very affordable and cheap clothing trend. Additional bonus points for all of us. Yay! You can now break away from the tyranny of high heels by embracing Normcore and wear those greys and olives which were difficult colours to wear until last summer. Repeat after me – “Blending in is the new standing out”. Adidas, Nike, Gap, Fruit of the Loom, Maje, Hanes are your new best friends. Go meet them.

Steve Jobs, if alive today would have been really happy to picture as the style ambassador for this trend. Just be impressed by the everyday life ladies!!! I am already a Normcore fan. Are you?


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