Showcase your roaring wild side: Animal Print Rules!!!


Some trends never go out of style! Before you jump to guesses, we will rest you anxieties by spelling it out loud and clear “Animal Prints”; much like the prints themselves, isn’t it? These prints can upgrade a look from a regular you to a hot babe you in a jiffy. Before you know it, everyone is envying your growly cat avatar. Take a leaf of inspiration from some cool pointers to rock this ‘Oh-so-wild’ trend!

Animal Print

Well, first things first. Confused which animal print will satisfy your fashion hunger? Animal kingdom  with its unique patterned skin gives you options from hottest zebra, leopard, tiger, zebra prints and choosing one can be as simple as buying a nail polish – Only you know which one will suit you the best. Remember 2 golden rules: I) you can always play with different animal prints for different seasons – zebra for summer, leopard for winter or snake charm prints during fall and so on. Choice is yours! II) “Try” is the key word. Never buy a piece of animal print without trying it. Few body types work well with smaller prints while bold and large prints highlight other frames. Why take un-calculated risk?

Animal prints always keep your wardrobe in style, whether it’s the very popular leopard or the unconventional giraffe print.  After all our favorite sex symbols like Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe harnessed the prints’ come-hither magnetism to the fullest. Guru of all fashion brands, Dolce and Gabbana, consider animal print is an intriguing trend which is feminine and sensual at the same time. It’s a timeless classic which has become more of a colour rather than a print.

Quick Look Sexy Tips for Animal Print Lovers:

  • Choose toned down accessories for retaining the stylish diva effect and beware of going over the top. OTT is bad!
  • For that super edgy look, go for neon colours in green, orange and shocking pink. It’s fun to graduate from the basic beige, brown and black.
  • Don’t shy away from bold prints. They have the magic to transform your look completely and make you a runaway hit at any gala event or party.
  • Want to know a super rock tip? Try wearing print on print like we do for denim on denim. Key to the look is pairing same animal print in different colours or wearing different prints in same colour. Why stop at one?
  • Go for a basic silhouette like A-line or straight cut when you are in mood to sport a loud bright colour
  • Animal prints are best friends with anything metallic. Go for those sexy gold and silver accessories and shoes to have that extra dose of fun.
  • For that sophisticated touch go for classic pencil skirts or minis in monochrome animal prints. Classy you in minutes!
  • For that rock chick on the street look, pair them with narrow bottomed leather trousers or well fitted leather skirts
  • Want to experiment safely. Well, dear fashion scientists play with animal prints in small spots then. Accessories like bags, earrings, shoes, bangles, cuff give you chance to claim your entry in animal world without the fear of being devoured by it.

Ri-Ri, Lily Collins, Katy Perry and practically everyone in the tinsel town are busy loving this trend. What are you waiting for? Go take the plunge!!


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