Seasonal fluctuations


The changing times and the global warming that is slipping in, the unwanted rains and the sudden snowfall, the scorching heat and the acidic changes in the weather is all that none knows and can do of it. Various changes in the climate as well as the weather bring in the changes in our life cycles, life styles and the body cycles as well. The moment we get adapted to one thing, it changes and again we need to change the mode of our lives and get adapted to the new change. It becomes tiring at times and annoying at the other.

The moment it rains, all of us do feel good but when it is unseasonal, it brings in the various other changes. The weather changes are not suitable for all the bodies and people might fall sick and get caught with the cold and cough. The throat infections and the ear blocks is something very common that happens when the unseasonal rain falls. The hot tea and the pakoras are something that we would rush for, but it spoils the mood when it blocks the throat.

Even because of the seasonal fluctuations, the winters are either to cold or have turned down. In places where it used to go down to 0-4 degrees, run between 8-12 degrees being the minimum. On the other hand, where it hardly used to reach up to 20 degrees during the winter months, move down to 10 degrees. And the same happens during the summers as well. You never know which season to be experienced when. It could be one or could be mixture of two or all.


Because of this mixture and that we don’t take it seriously and take care of ourselves, we are prone to diseases and infections. Especially the children and the kids, who really do not have the buildup immunity systems, get ill very easily. And then the same thing revolves around the same family, falling sick and taking up of medicines.

This even happens due to the food that we have, there are various unseasonal food that has been brought in for the sake of popularity and on the demand of the people. It is hybrid at times and is being forced to ripe on the other. The chemicals and the drugs are being added to give away better fruit without the season. And when we consume these fruits or vegetable or the other food products, we tend to fall sick because of the chemicals that are being used and that they are not really natural.

One always has to take care now a days as to what they are eating, when are they eating and how are they eating. Cleaning and washing all the food products becomes necessary, washing your hands off from germs is necessary and taking precautions against the seasonal changes is equally necessary and important for oneself and one’s safety and security. Taking precautions and well care of oneself is far better than taking the pain of being ill and then the medicines.


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