Scarves in today fashion


Summers are all about pretty floral dresses and crop tops and colorful skirts. It is the perfect time to experiment with multitude of loud popping colours and short dresses and skirts. To add to this there are shades and vibrant, yet soothing, makeup. But the one thing that’s perfect for the summers, something which has never gone out of fashion, is scarves. Scarves are innovation in themselves. The most simple piece of clothing that has ever been made but its that something that adds some extra flavour to your perfect summer attire. Any woman with a true eye for fashion will always understand the charm and beauty of a scarf. Be it with a floral printed dress or a plain white shirt, scarves will almost certainly add that extra elegance that you’d look for! Even though its originally designed to keep you warm n the cold winters scarves have carved a permanent place for themselves in the fashion world as something that’s trendy all year long. It is perhaps the most comfortable and elegant way to accessorize your look and give the last drape of perfection, quite literally! While in the winters people usually go for the woollen mufflers the springs and summers are kept for the soft, light layer around the neck. Scarves come in all sorts of materials but the most popular remains the silk and the cotton ones.


The silk scarf can give you an Audrey Hepburn look instantly. The cotton ones are a particular favourite for the summers as they not only provide immense comfort but also protects from the sun. scarves can be worn in several ways and this is what makes them an all time favourite. You can flung it around your neck if you are short of time and late for work, or you can try the more stylish fold with multiple knots if you’re going for a brunch. The box scarves require a little patience and care to make a perfect triangle before trying it around your throat while the more easy, long ones can be draped in any way possible. You can also turn a scarf into a makeshift yet cool tie to go along with your formals. Scarves can prepare you for any situation and make you look spectacular for that sudden conference call! While it is perfect for a fashion emergency they can also alter your look and body shape if you know how to rock them. If you have an elongated facial structure a box print scarf can make your neck smaller and proportionate. On the other hand, if you think you have a short neck then a light, single colour scarf will instantly make you look taller. So this summer, stock up on your all time favourite fashion accessory and be ready for any occasion from beaches to brunches. And for the ladies out there who loves their ethnic wears, forget your long and heavy dupattas and try on these lighter and brighter and stylish alternatives!


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