Save yourself from tanning this season


Hiya lovelies! Happy spring! As spring starts, the days seem to be getting brighter. The skies become a clear shade of blue. But the harsh truth to be faced here is that summer approaches nearby every passing day. As the summer approaches, so does the harsh sun rays. By afternoon, we all feel as if someone has set us on fire if we dare to stand outside in the sun even for mere 5 minutes! In such a climatic condition, people who leave their home on a daily basis for offices, colleges and other work face tanning.


Tanning is often a very known as one of the most popular concepts outside of India; especially, in the parts of US. People overseas tend to think tanning makes the skin look more beautiful and radiant.  By now, probably this makes you think how we have naturally got this light brown skin tones and the good thing? We don’t even have to lie down in tanning machines for limited time durations to achieve this beautiful brown skin.

Tanning basically happens because of the exposure of our skin to harsh sun rays. When we stay out in the sun for long durations of time, our skin comes in direct contact with the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and darkens our skin tone. We have melanin in our bodies which is a pigment. This pigment is what is responsible for producing our skin tone. When our body is exposed to the ultra violet sun rays for long periods of time, the melanin production in our body increases and it, thereby darkens our skin tone. Tanning actually affects your skin cells. It can lead to premature aging of skin and in very ultimate cases, skin cancer.

Just try to go without applying sunscreen on your hands for one week. After a week, you will be able to see just how quickly your skin gets affected by sun rays. It will turn dark in a matter of days. However, if you go on and try to get rid of this tan, it will take surprisingly a longer period of time that is, several months. Have you ever noticed how clear and fairer your skin turns in the winters? When you wear your summer clothes after the long dreading months of winters, do you notice how fair your skin tone gets? And then you go on for a couple of weeks and your skin turns dark. That is because as soon as you tan, it just multiplies when you try to get of rid of it.

The best way to protect yourself from tanning is to always use sunscreen whenever you are going outside. Use umbrellas when you are in outside for a long period of time. You can also avoid tanning by wearing full sleeved cotton clothes.

Pro tip: When choosing your sunscreen, try to go for the one with a SPF that is more than or equal of 15.


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