Rock those Wedges!


Wedges are the most favourable party shoes. Here’s why you should try wedges. They are gorgeous, they are affordable and they are comparatively comfortable – so that you don’t have to carry the shoes at the end of the DJ or club night. They are a perfect style choice for a non-stiletto girl. They are fun. They are not alternate and they are stylish!

Girls always want the benefit of an extra inch or two so as to throw their companion off guard. Wedges give you the added benefit of elongated heel effect while keeping your feet equally comfortable. All girls at some point crave high heels in their lives. Hence if you are looking to try something – try something classy. The casual wedges give off an appearance of style and sexiness mixed with enough subtlety that tell you that you are not trying too hard.


Wedge shoes have different heel ranges – a necessary fact check for the girls. They can range from 1 inch to 5 inches – making it amply clear what occasions you are looking to buy them for and what look re you planning to put on.

Wedge heels give a very chic flick look, but with an element of grace. They fulfill all fashion needs. For example, 1- 2 inch wedges are for girls who are not very comfortable with heels but still are not scared to give it a shot. Girls you can be assured that you won’t fall off. Ladies who were prescribed medical shoes often can’t figure out what to wear in the parties. Wedges are the perfect choice for them. 3 – 4 inches are for girls who want to look tall but can’t risk heels which are too high. They don’t want to stumble and they won’t either! 4 inch and above are for girls who love high heels and know how to carry it off.

There are a variety of wedges that can attract any buyer. There are wedge pumps which are perfect for occasions such as a movie night or a friendly party. They are also good for office and semi- formal parties. Wedge boots on the other hand are perfect for winters. They add a smart chic look and also takes care of the winter chills. There are wedge sandals to try on with jeans, shorts. One can always wear these to any day events and college events. There are peep toe wedges. They tell you that the person is trendy and not afraid to pull off a girly look. There are also bridal wedge sandals. They come in a variety of colour – such as nude, castle and white. There are also the office look wedges with 1 to 3 inch heels for a formal occasion.

Wedges are in general casual foot wear, but can be worn at absolutely all events. They can be mixed and matched and made to look equally graceful and official if the need arises. The extra heel allows one to explore while the different designs gives you enough space to try on.


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